The Eclectic Lounge & Restaurant

We are finally stepped foot into this place where hubby and I are longing to visit – The Eclectic Lounge & Restaurant.

Why this place? Well, … whoever had dined in 32 Mansion or 68 Kelawai (those days), they will surely know the owner will revamp the place in a very cozy manner and the food serving is superb!

Without 2nd thought I brought hubby to this place for his birthday celebration. It was a quiet night that night and we got the chance to talk to the waiter and waitress over there. Sad to say the owner of the previous building is taking back for good, that leave them no choice but to seek for other place, as such The Eclectic was born.

Before we went thru the menu, hubby straight away orders their garlic bread. No doubt about it, their garlic bread is the best among the restaurants in Penang.

I have their famous Piquant salad with tangy Chinese preserved plum dressing. If you like their Piquant sauce, if am not mistaken you can purchase that in 32 Mansion at about RM12 per bottle.

Leek Cream Soup that’s what hubby has ordered for himself. He said it was marvelous and creamy. It’s excellent when you have the soup with their garlic bread. He said it’s like floating in the heaven.

Of course, with a glass of white wine, that could unwind any problems that he has for the day.

As for the main entrée, I have something simple. The Angel Hair in Chili Tomato Concasse with Crabmeat & Ginger Flower was my choice and it claims to be their signature dish too. It’s something unique to me, cuz, it’s garnishing with some ginger flowers in it and generous crabmeat too.

The birthday boy had Pan Seared Cod with Sherry Wine Capsicum Cream Sauce & Crispy Julienne Leek. He didn’t really like it neither does he unhappy about it. Probably hubby was benchmarking 32 Mansion standards.

Some how, the food quality is slight different from one and another.

That night was a quiet night and I managed to take a few shots of the restaurants.

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Food Paradise

Address & Contact Number
The Eclectic Lounge & Restaurant
149 Jalan Batu Ferringhi
11000 Penang
Tel: +604-881 4287

Business Hour
Mon – Sun
5pm to 1am (2am on weekends)


worldwindows said…
Nice place to relax and unwind. Standard western fare? The soup looks thick and flavourful!
Allie said…
The garlic bread did caught my attention but will it taste too garlicky? As I don't fancy the smell. :p
Anonymous said…
Nice to see your review :)
I have yet to visit this restaurant since its opening.
Little Inbox said…
Happy belated birthday to your hubby!
Food Paradise said…
Wow.... then you have the place for you and your hubby. lol Happy belated birthday to your hubby! ^0^
Lingzie said…
i love their piquant salad! one of my favourite dressings! it is available for sale at 32? wah must go check it out d... so i can have the salad at home :) you're right, the garlic bread is really good too!
J2Kfm said…
very nice place. the way u described the garlic bread and the soup ... had me salivating as well.
hahahah ... :)
-j- said…
nice place but not many ppl. perhaps a little pricey?!
Anonymous said…
I am sure it was a very nice birthday treat :)
choi yen said…
Nice ambiance indeed~~
Shell (貝殼) said…
The garlic bread looks nice, i like the garlic smell~~
Anonymous said…
the garlic bread looks very tempting. It's sure a nice place for celebrations.
Hi Worldwindows, standard western fare?? Err... it's on a little high side, I guess?!

Hi Allie, not quite. But it's definitely fantastic!!

Hi CK, am sure you will be visiting them soon!

Hi Little Inbox, thanks pal!

Hi Food Paradise, there are many places belongs to us, this is only one of them.

Hi Lingzie, so, have you got your salad dressing from 32 Mansion?

Hi J2Kfm, hahahaha... then come to Penang!!

Hi Duckey, it's either pricey or the distance.
Hi vkeong, oh yes, no doubt about it.

Hi mimid3vils, yup!!! Very romantic too!

Hi Shell (貝殼), the best in Penang!!

Hi buzzingbee, yes yes yes!!