Sin Dai Fong Coffee Shop 新大方茶餐室

Whenever you’re down in Ipoh, I believe many will probably go for Dim Sum (點心). Well, am not. Why? Cuz, I know there are many other better food compared to Dim Sum. Don’t you get bored whenever you’re there and you’re looking for Dim Sum? Well, I do.

Few months ago, I was there to visit some friends, and like I said I didn’t want to go for Dim Sum but something else. Thus, this is the place where I dropped by for breakfast. This a corner shop along Canning Estate Road. This shop is same row with 7-Eleven and it’s some where near the Ipoh Wooley Food Court.

In fact, I like the Clear Soup Noodle (清湯粉或麵) that they have, down in Ipoh, that’s what they called. Soup base is tasty, the owner said they used chickens and ribs to boil for many hours, apart from that they also use honey dates (蜜棗) and red dates (紅棗) as well. I’ve my bowl with Roasted Pork (燒肉), look at it, doesn’t this make you temp for one bowl?

Many Ipohan prefers Ipoh way of curry mee. To them, Ipoh Curry Mee (咖喱麵) is some how different from Penang. Penang is garnishing with long beans, deep fried bean curd (tow pok), fresh cockles, cuttlefish, blood cake, etc. Down here in Ipoh is garnishing with either Chicken, Roasted Pork or Honey Glaze Pork Meat (叉燒). The curry paste is not like Penang which has thick coconut milk.

On this hungry morning, we have actually ordered a lot of food. Even the not so impressive Wanton Mee (雲吞麵) is tasty.

Since it’s a raining morning, we have something extra, the Pork Intestine Soup (豬肚湯). It’s full of pepper, and it’s delicious. It was so warm with this hot soup.

And, an extra plate of Toast Bread too. It was nothing to shout about, but when you’re in the mood of grabbing every food in the shop, who cares about that!

The only disappointment is this, Ipoh Char Koay Teow. It didn’t have the ‘Wok Hei’ (鑊氣), and the bean sprout wasn’t fully cooked also. Guess it can’t compared to any Penang CKT.

Anyway, with all the food that we have had, obviously we are like a glutton, huh?


minchow said…
Very impressive amount of food, NKOTB! Hey, the toast bread has different filling from the regular stuff we get in coffee shops! Is that egg and ham I spy?
Allie said…
The Clear Soup Noodle looks like herbal soup to me. It looks good.
Food For Tots said…
I like the clear soup noodle. Looks and sounds tasty!
Anonymous said…
This shop Wan Ton Mee was famous, hope is the same before they changed the name, earlier it was Dai Fong...long time didn't try there....
tigerfish said…
Some of the noodle soups seem quite unique. I never tried them before.
worldwindows said…
Clear herbal soup noodles with roast pork! I need to eat it to believe.
Hi 550ml jar of faith, hehehehe... bingo!

Hi Allie, but it didn't taste any herbal ingredients!

Hi Food for Tots, oh it is very good indeed!

Hi Simple Girl, is that right? I never know! Thanks for letting me know! :)

Hi Tigerfish, well, at least it's different from the Penang style.

Hi Worldwindows, give it a try!!