Super Hokkien Mee 雲來福建麵

Many people had tried this stall, and many had commented it’s good. The only thing that put a stop for visiting is the waiting time. Unless, you are willing to be there early like 7am, which I did.

Can’t remember when I dropped my parents at the airport at the early morning, I was telling hubby that since everyone said this is the best Hokkien Mee in town and it takes long waiting time, why don’t we give it a try.

Thus, we both were taking our own sweet time drive all the way to town for breakfast. We didn’t order any other thing but this bowl of Hokkien Mee. We were there pretty early, about 7am… though people said the stall only open at 7.30am, but I could see the owner is actually preparing for about 10 to 20 packs take away.

Am sure they set up the stall pretty early that morning.

Since we’re there early and there are many empty tables around, and we didn’t dare to take our own sweet time to find our table and order drinks. We just walked straight to the stalls and get our orders.

Waited for about 20 minutes, and here comes our noodle.

The serving was generous, especially the shrimps that given. And this bowl of noodle making you feel so good especially on a cold morning. It’s like warmth that heat up your belly.

Hubby said, this stall was originally from Rangoon Road where Super Burmah Road used to be. Now they are here in One Corner Café (和喜茶室), which is located at Bawasah Road, right behind Penang Plaza. This corner shop used to be fish aquarium, where people buy fishes, and so on.

If you’re fond of Hokkien Mee, just got to be early for this stall, am sure you won’t regret about getting early for that.

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Anonymous said…
So, they only open for breakfast?? I shall put this in my list when I go to Penang...
email2me said…
Some rumors said that the Jalan Perak hokkien mee get their soup from Super Hokkien Mee. Dunno whether it is true since this stall also do whole sale in selling the soups only to other hawker.
Lingzie said…
this one is too spicy for me! lol
but its still very popular.
J2Kfm said…
20 mins even THAT early in the morn?!!!
wow ... gotta do better than that!

i'll be glad to slurp some other less stellar bowls of noodles.
Food For Tots said…
Both my hubby n I luv this stall. During our last visit, we waited for more than 1 hour until 9.30am. Still need to top up our parking meter. Guess what? We were the last order. "Heng" oh! LOL
Allie said…
I always wanted to try out this hokkien mee, but I always wake up too late :(

I was there around 9am, and he onwer said I need to wait for 1hr++, so I gave up lor...
Steven Goh said…
ya it's a bad experience for me I really not planing for 2nd visit. I feel that they are too commercialised. I rather give this opportunity to other stalls.
Little Inbox said…
I woke up early this morning, read on your post, and now guess what?? I'm craving for Hokkien mee liao! But I know hubby will buy me fried koay kak, as he is at the wet market now. Hehe...
Food Paradise said…
It's been quite sometime I did not visit this stall as usually full of people waiting for their hokkien mee. lol
Duckie said…
i like it but the ppl there have attitude now!! very grumpy and always have to wait so so long just for a bowl of hokkien mee!!!
choi yen said…
Why prawn noodles need to wait so long, I tot it is easy to prepare...???
Babe_KL said…
i like the colour of the broth, look hot!
erinalaw said…
But the owner is lansi so, i don't go there
Anonymous said…
Er... spicy food early in the morning? Would be good if it's drizzling that morning.
Hi Simple Girl, yup, only for breakfast.

Hi email2me, is that right??? Never heard about it.

Hi Lingzie, ok la!! Not that spicy.

Hi J2Kfm, :) Some people actually called a day early to reserve. So, you can imagine how good is the biz.

Hi Food for Tots, wah!!! You're the first one that have to top up the parking meter! hahahaha...

Hi Allie, next time even the owner said gotta wait for 1 hour, go and get yourself a newspaper. Read the news while waiting. :)

Hi Steven, don't plan to give them a 2nd chance?

Hi Little Inbox, so is your breakfast satisfying?? :)

Hi Food Paradise, am sure you will plan to visit, don't you??

Hi Duckie, probably I was very early, the attitude was ok. In fact the owner was smiling at me leh when I made my order. ;)

Hi mimid3vils, LOTS of orders la!

Hi Babe_KL, it looks hot, but it ain't one.

Hi Erina, it wasn't that lansi ah!! It was ok when I made my order.

Hi Jason, it was very very very cold that morning, thought not drizzling. :)

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