Wang Chau Jun 王昭君酸辣魚頭米粉

Many have blogged about this Sour Spicy Bee Hoon in town, and many had given good comment. I myself have been here for couple times on couple of occasions. And because of that, I insisted hubby should give it a try.

Brought him there once on the weekend for breakfast. And he wasn’t really fond of cuz, that’s not his favourite and it’s not something like KTT or CKT kind of noodle.

And guess what,… after he tasted a few spoon of the Sour Spicy Noodle Soup, he immediately fell in love with that. So, you can imagine how good is this pot of noodle!

Second dish that I’ve ordered was the Steam Flat Noodle with Fish Meat. This is also another incredible noodle that no customers will miss this.

Hmmm… a satisfying breakfast that we had!!! Yummy yummy!!! Thumbs up!

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Address & Contact Number
Wong Chau Jun Restaurant
73, Jalan Rangoon
10400 Penang
Tel: +6012-555 9046

Business Hour:
8.00am to 2.30pm


Anonymous said…
oh....i really love the sour spicy soup based with bee hoon...looks very nice!!!
Little Inbox said…
I've been wanted to try this, Is the sour & spicy soup similar to "asam bli"?
Rangoon Road is the one next to old Super?
Anonymous said…
Went there recently for lunch and was so packed but finally got a table next door. I usually go for the sour & spicy soup.
worldwindows said…
I guess the heat is from the black or white pepper. I am trying to imagine the taste and smell. Clear soup base but sourish and spicy. New to me.
choi yen said…
The steamed flat noodle very special~~ How's the taste? Sour spicy too?
Hi SimpleGirl, oh yes... very nice. Something different

Hi Little Inbox, yes for Rangoon Road. Not quite similar.

Hi CK, lots of people going for that.

Hi worldwindows, not quite. The heat is from chili padi.

Hi mimid3vils, the steam flat noodle is pretty unique. It's not sour spicy.
Steven Goh said…
I heard about this place very long time dee. I even get name card from the owner but still haven't got the chance to try that out. You give me the urge to try that out tomorrow.
Food For Tots said…
How can I miss this place in my last trip?????? Old liao! Or maybe Penang has too many good food to choose?
My Taste Heaven said…
You know what I heard about this restaurant from my Japanese friend who stays in Penang. I have not tried it,but after reading your blog, I would definitely try it soon.Drooling.......
24HrMom said…
Thanks for remembering me !! Wang Chau Jun's is really a woth to go restaurant. I went to a similar one at Sg. Ara yesterday, the spicy fish head noodle soup was suck. Over sour.