Aceh Street Wanton Mee

This stall was recommended by one of hubby’s hiker friend. And, hubby kept telling me must try this no matter how. Last weekend, before attending BigBoysOven’s class, we both have our breakfast here.

This stall is man by a couple, and operates from 7am morning till 12.30pm. They have deep fried noodle (炸麵), flat noodle (粗麵) and the normal wanton noodle. Apart from that, they also have Sui Kau (水餃) as side dish.

That morning we had a plate of the normal wanton mee for hubby.

And I have the flat noodle for myself.

A bowl of Sui Kau as side dish.

Though the place is small and congested, but you could see people drop in to have a few packets take away. You can either op for green chili, or their home made sambal belachan, and even chili padi.

Taste of sesame oil is rather strong, I personally like it. Texture of the noodle is also springy; I would say this is purely based on a person’s experience in cooking the noodle. Don’t you agree?


Big Boys Oven said…
the sui kau looks awesome! ;0
cariso said…
I love swui kao :)
Little Inbox said…
I still prefer to have wanton noodle instead of the deep fried noodle and flat noodle. Also, I love strong taste of sesame seed oil. :)
J2Kfm said…
hmm ... the 1st pic is misleading.
for one sec there, i thought the ssticker in front of the stall was a HoChak one!
ck lam said…
The normal mee and the flat noodle is good for me.
foodbin said…
good looking sui kow.
Anonymous said…
normally the wanton mee in ipoh never put fried wanton....i see it's more common in Penang ya!
choi yen said…
I like "black black" wonton mee, just had it on last Sunday morning~~ 1 1/2 portion ^.^ *big eater*
worldwindows said…
No sui kau no authentic wanton mee. I adore sui kau for its smoothness and crunchy water chestnuts, peas and minced meat.
Babe_KL said…
totally agree, one man's meat is another man's poison :p
Unknown said…
The sui kow looks good. Should stop by one day and try it. ^o^
Hi BBO, taste good too!!

Hi Cariso, me too!

Hi Little Inbox, I have a change to flat noodle. Just wanna check it out for its texture! :)

Hi J2Kfm, hahahahaa... that caught me too!!!

Hi CK, let's have a gathering there. :)

Hi Foodbin, ya ya ya ya....

Hi SimpleGirl, yes, I realize that too!! Penang will have something different in terms of food.

Hi mimid3vils, 1 1/2 portion... wow!!! as long as waist line no expansion... doesn't matter.

Hi worldwindows, I thought no wanton no authentic wanton mee?? hahahahha

Hi Babe_KL, hahahaha.....

Hi Food Paradise, wish to see your post one of these days!!!

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