Home Cook Steam Tofu with Minced Meat

Times are bad... better to eat in than eating out. Many have this perception, but how many have made know how bad is the market?? Well, I can tell you very very bad.

Many are struggling to find a job, cuz, whatever compensate will not last long, especially you have tones of tones of commitments.

One of the easy meal and economic dish at home, is Steam Bean Curd with Minced Meat. I've blogged about this before; my version would be slightly dark. However, mom's version is slightly lighter in colour.

    2 steaks of Japanese bean curd
    Minced meat (about 1 hand full)
    1 tea spoon of dark soya sauce
    1 tea spoon of oyster sauce
    1 table spoon of vegetable oil
    Spring Onions & Chinese Celery (chopped)

  1. First steam 2 steak of Japanese bean curd for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Heat up the frying pan or wok, with 1 table spoon of vegetable oil.
  3. Then, place those minced meat on the frying pan and stir fry till lighter colour.
  4. Add 1 tea spoon of dark soya sauce and 1 tea spoon of oyster sauce and a bit of sugar to taste.
  5. Cook well and pour it onto the steamed bean curd and sprinkle with some chopped spring onions and Chinese celeries.
  6. Best serves with white steam rice!

Yummy yummy!!!


Little Inbox said…
Can add some mushroom too...I have Japanese tofu at home, can make this dish for dinner. :)
Anonymous said…
hmm, this dish looks good, will be very nice with rice! healthy and simple home cooked dish
Unknown said…
very quick and simple dish...... and healthy too. ^o^
Duckie said…
healthy and simple!!
Hi Little Inbox, ya ya ya.... you're right. To make that fragrant.

Hi SimpleGirl, yup!!

Hi Food Paradise & Duckie, no doubt about that!
allie said…
SImple and healthy! Great!
choi yen said…
I prefer Japanese tofu than white tofu :P
Jason Wong said…
The economy is quite bad now-a-days. But hope is at the horizon. But to recover as before would take 1 to 2 years.

Anyway, eating at is always good for everyone except the F&B outlets.

May be the next time you intend to make this dish, try using our Chinese bean curds and add some chopped water chestnuts.
ai wei said…
my fave!!! mum always cook this! yum
Food For Tots said…
I agree with you that times are bad but not many are accepting this fact. They still spend as normal. Confused??? Luv your dish regardless of the economic - simple and healthy!
Unknown said…
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sakaigirl said…
Mmmmm, looks delicious! Thnx, i got new recipe for japanese tofu!