Sin Kah Pin 新嘉賓

After a violent movie last Saturday night with a drizzling rain dropping down to our car… we both want something warmth.

The best is of course Bak Kut Teh… but none of us are into soupy mood. So, hubby brought me to this place which is near to Penang famous God of Mercy Temple. One of those streets that is opposite the temple, if am not mistaken is China Street.

Only 2 shops were bright and with a few tables of customers having their meal. We entered one of the shop named Sin Kah Pin (新嘉賓). Hubby asked me did he bring me here for dinner during our courtship, and I was like, ‘huh, did you?’

We found a table and sat down, and have our order – Char Hor Fun & Hokkien Char.

Wherever you go, these are the 2 that you would like to try out, and that’s to see how good is the chef in preparing them.

First hubby order Char Hor Fun for 2 persons, when it serves I told hubby better get another noodle, don’t think that will fill up his starving stomach. True enough, a plate of Char Hor Fun didn’t help.

So, another plate of Hokkien Char was placed an order.

Take a look at this Char Hor Fun…. Seriously, hard to find good Char Hor Fun in Penang, ever since I had a good one in Ipoh Hoong Tho, I can’t find any good one in Penang, even the one that Penang Tua Pui recommended in Chai Leng Park too not as good as Hoong Tho. As mostly Penang will fried the flat noodle and put it aside or in a warmer then only they will cook the sauce. Eventually that made the Char Hor Fun a bit tasteless.

But this stall I can tell you that it’s full of Wok Hei.

But comparatively with Hokkien Char, Hokkien Char is a bit oily. I supposed they have to put more oil to fry noodles.

Of course, it isn’t that bad in taste too…

Seriously, we both have a good dinner though is something simple. Not a bad place to just go for simple noodle. The stall is man from 6pm till late at night. Apart from this stall, you can get other side dish like Satay. We both didn’t order any due to bad sore throat.

I know I’ll come back again for this Char Hor Fun. Oh yes, if am not mistaken, the stall name is 利記. Char Hor Fun, Yee Foo Mee, Hokkien Char per plate is RM3-50, egg added is RM0-50. You can also add more ingredients if you like, price will be charged accordingly.


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Crazy Drile
Anonymous said…
I found Hong Tho standard has dropped...not as good as those days! will try to share my experience last week ...
minchow said…
Yes I agree! Very difficult to find good Char Hor Fun done the old-fashioned way. I think I've passed by this shop many times, with the gut feel that it definitely serves something good!
Hi Crazy Drile™, thanks for dropping by.

Hi SimpleGirl, is it so?? But the last we went was impressive compare to Penang standard.

Hi 550ml jar of faith, yes, it's difficult to find that nowadays!! People are all doing it 'short cut'.
Little Inbox said…
Visiting food blogs, writing food blogs and watching AFC channel is really a challenge for me these few days. I'm on detox program. Drooling but cannot eat, :(
Unknown said…
wow.... another place to eat out! In fact I just had char tua pan and hokkien char yesterday afternoon. ^o^
-j- said…
standard drop a little already. and sadly, i don't know where else got nice ones .. i'm picky when it comes to char tua pan and hokkien char
worldwindows said…
Hokkien Char and Char Hor Fun is a favourite for a quick supper and my son and I do enjoy it and have our favourite stalls. The wok hei in this shop must really add to the flavours. Hoong Toh is really good and I have been eating there since young. But with reducing menu and aging staff it is not so popular now.
foodbin said…
The Hokkien Char looks good.
Hi Little Inbox, oh boy... where do you enrol that?? How does it helps you?

Hi Food Paradise, are you going to share soon? I realize you eat out a lot....

Hi Duckie, wah, like that call standard drop?? To me is consider good already compare to Ipoh standard.

Hi worldwindows, but some said Hoong Tho has dropped its standard.

Hi Foodbin, it looks good, but Char Hor Fun is better in a way.
ai wei said…
yum yum! char noodles char wok hei???
Jason said…
Hey, didn't know that you like Hoong Tho's food that much :)
Hi Ivy, Oh got!!! Very much in fact.

Hi Jason, I like because I've never explore. That day I explore and I fell in love with it. This is something that Penang never have. :)
Deb said…
Hi all,

The "老招牌" "Sin Kah Pin 新嘉宾" has moved to the following new location due to the old coffee shop is closed.

Food quality is still as good. But due to place is new, not many people is aware. Continue to provide the support! :-)

New address: junction of Pengkalan Weld & Gat Lebuh Armenian. same side of Shell Station, opposite Wisma Transocean & Hai SoonTrading Company.

Inside the coffee shop named "Chew Jetty Cafe".
deb said…
Oh ya... it only opens in the morning 9:30am - 1:30pm. Closes on Thur.