Everyday Supreme Restaurant 天天大酒樓 on Mother's Day

When comes to May, there’s 1 important day for all the mothers, and that’s Mother’s Day.

We had celebrated Mother’s day with my in law last Sunday, and the gathering was organized by my youngest sister-in-law. 6 dishes and 1 dessert, most of the food ordered can be consumed by kiddos and old folks.

Since in law’s family is huge and with all the sons and daughter are back, we need about 2 tables to accommodate the members, thus food order got to be considerate in terms of it has to be able to consume by the elderly and the young ones.

First dish was served was the Butter Baked Code Fish. The butter that covered the fish are thick and fragrant. It does taste like cheese to me, it didn’t over cooked but yet you could still taste the fish’s freshness.

Followed by Nutmeg Chicken. We believe they deep fried the marinated chicken and stir fried with nutmeg and honey.

Vegetable is a must for many of us, due to fiber intake. Since we have kiddos around, we have vegetables with chicken stock.

The signature bean curd… Steamed Bean Curd with Chicken Dice. The bean curd is as smooth as Tau Hua. You just can’t resist it.

Honey Glaze Ribs, this is absolutely my new favourite. It was fantastic.

Steamed Cod Fish… simple and delicious. Kiddo can have 2 bowls of rice because of this.

Last…. The dessert, which is Soya Bean with White Fungus and Ginko. Bottom line this is good for the ladies’ skin.

Total damage for 2 tables is about RM638 plus. For other review can check out from here.


foodbin said…
the steamed cod fish get me drooling-looks so fresh and glistening!
I like the bakes cod fish as well!Next time wanna try out the nutmeg chicken...looks yummy!!
choi yen said…
Never know soya bean can cook with white fungus~~ Definitely good for skin!!
cariso said…
I have tasted this soya bean +fungus before at Sungai Ara Goh Teow Kee and since there I love it!
Little Inbox said…
Cod fish is my favourite. I got a chance to try sister-in-law's homecooked cod fish. Yummy!
awesome collections, i like it so much!! you can get discounts on the items that you purchase by using printable coupons at www.clickmycoupon.com
Jason said…
I would like to try the nutmeg chicken!
food-4tots said…
All the dishes look very tasty and interesting. The price sounds reasonable. Your photography skill has improved a lot. Great shots!!!
Big Boys Oven said…
the food ere sure look delisiouc and creative!:)
CRIZ LAI said…
The color of the cod fish and the light sauce do make the fish looked steaming fresh. I would anytime go for this.

Hmm... if you have come across char siew cod fish, do tell me. I missed this dish ever since I had tried it in a restaurant in Penang that had closed down.

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