Old House Café 老房子

It has been raining the whole day that Saturday and we didn’t get to step out from the house, and that made us craving for some typical Penang food, like Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee and all that.

Since it’s a gloomy weekend, we both decided to drive down town and take our parents out for a quick bite. While driving around town, we spotted this heritage green house and I told hubby I remembered I saw this in one of the local Chinese paper. Without second thought, hubby said let’s check it out… perhaps I was too busy to read blogs lately, I didn’t realize Cariso had actually reviewed this place.

Anyway, having the 2 old folks with us, they were happily walked into this heritage building with us.

We were impressed with the decor and the design in the shop but not the traditional ancient long wooden kungfu bench, as it’s a bit inconvenient for the old people to sit on it as it has no support for the back. In fact, before it turns out to be a café, it was once a residential house and the far end corner lot was a coffee shop.

When we were handed the menu, I told hubby newspaper did features some local delight of this café, and one of them is Hokkien Mee. Thus, hubby had a bowl of that (regular size RM7.50), that consists of a prawn and a pork rib.

And I was craving for some Char Koay Teow, without second thought this was my order. (regular RM7.50)

Parents have Braised Meat Rice and Koay Teow Th’ng each for themselves (RM7.50).

And some side orders like spring roll (RM2.50) & vegetarian duck meat (RM5.00) to add into the savour.

Since the Old House Café decoration represent an olden days Chinese Tea house, we choose to savour a pot of Pu Er Chinese Tea (RM12.00) as it is linked with older tradition of Yum Char which has its root back in the ancient Silk Road where people stop for rest and this is why teahouses were established along the roadside. It is also said to aid digestion after an oily meal.

Append below some photos for viewing pleasure… oh ya, I spotted a customer using Nikon D60 for photo shooting.

Other Review
Cariso Delicacies Corner

Address & Contact Number
Old House Café
145-153 Kimberly Street
10100 Penang
Tel: +604-2622 113

Business Hour:
12pm to 3pm
6pm to 10.30pm
Close on Tuesday


allie said…
I was there during their first day of opening.But quite disappointed as no menu is available, and in the order chit there's no price available.
Little Inbox said…
Oh yeah, I saw Cariso blogged about the braised meat rice and also the vegetarian set if not mistaken.
I feel lazy these days to go out for food. I cook a lot.
foodbin said…
nice decor and the food looks good too.
ai wei said…
what a nice place! i love all these oldish oldish-liked restaurant. :)
J2Kfm said…
very cool shots, yourskills improving.
a DSLR does wonders eh?
ck lam said…
I have heard about much about this place too. Your photos are great :)
Big Boys Oven said…
this is a place that I would to chill at! so chinese! :)
minchow said…
Ooh, almost like the Penang of yesteryears all captured in this little place! I think my parents would be won over thoroughly, being such Chinese tea fiends! Great pix!!
Babe_KL said…
aiks, named Old House but how come use electric kettle one? :p kekeke

sorry for not looking up you guys cos my trip was a really touch and go type. it has a fixed itinerary :( next time ok i promised, shld be later this year, thinking of staying in HRC :P
email2me said…
When I was back in Penang last month, they are still under renovation .....

Nice pix shots :D
Steven Goh said…
that customer using D60 is Allie lah... she always place this post one. Btw, this place is very contrast as some said good while some said nogo.
worldwindows said…
Nice angles. I like scrolling through this post. Pictorial. Quaint and classic.
Unknown said…
How's the food? Have mixed review. ^-^
cariso said…
How is the food? Good ? No good?
Food For Tots said…
Excellent shots! Penang should maintain more of their heritage houses.
buzzingbee said…
heard mixed comments about this place. Wonder if it's worth a visit
Hi allie, well, normally or rather for Penang this kind of teething problem will occur. :)

Hi Little Inbox, I noticed that. So that you can share your home cooked recipes with us.

Hi foodbin, no doubt about that.

Hi ai wei, I think many of us like that, it gives you a tranquility feel.

Hi J2Kfm, ya ya ya DSLR does wonders! Hahahaha …. Thanks for the compliment.

Hi CK, thanks CK.

Hi BBO, very Chinesy, hor??

Hi 550ml jar of faith, long time no see… good to see you back here. Thank you!

Hi Babe_kl, hahahahaha… yah or, why ah?? Never mind, we hope to see you in your coming trip… :)

Hi email2me, well, come back more often then! Thanks.

Hi Steven, sure ah?? She didn’t say is her wor.

Hi Worldwindows, thank you thank you…

Hi Food Paradise, well, honestly you can’t compare to the hawker standard.

Hi Cariso, mixed review.

Hi mimid3vils, thank you!

Hi Food For Tots, you’re right!! I truly agree with that. Thanks!

Hi Buzzingbee, yup!! Give it a try, don’t put high expectation on the food, but the feel of this place. Worth visiting!
24HrMom said…
wow... nice restaurant... you pay for the deco too. :-) Your photos are great.... Till I dare not upload mine. haha
Pete said…
I visited Penang last weekend & had dinner there. We arranged a private dinner set & the food was great: braised whole comb sharksfin with fish maw was rich & flavorsome; steamed white cabbage with mushrooms, Jinghua ham (?) & dried scallops was soft & intensely flavored; deep-fried crabmeat balls & prawn salad with fruits (including attap seeds & sea coconut!); a very well-done steamed giant pomfret; braised sea cucumber with broccoli (the vegie was poached in stock instead of water, giving it a nice flavor), and stir-fried noodles with pork & shrimp. Only "complaint": the chef (proprietor, Dato' Tan himself) seems to have a heavy hand with the salt/soysauce. But otherwise, great food all round.

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