Sim Corner Lok Lok

The famous street in Chai Leng Park is Wai Sik Kai… from all kinds of hawkers food to eatery outlets… there are many for us to choose.

From a stall at the beginning of the street to a shop, it’s something encouraging. That shows that the food there is fresh and price is reasonable. That’s how it attracts more and more customers to patronize them.

And this is it… Sim Corner Lok Lok. This shop is managed by the wife, and the one at the beginning of the road is managed by the husband.

Food here is absolutely fresh and variety to choose. You could choose from deep fried items like fried wanton, to assorted vegetables, mushrooms, fish/meat balls.

Apart from the food, I think this is the only place where you could find so many sauces for you to dip. And all sauces are home made by the boss.

Places like this is best for a few friends gather around… nice food to eat, a great company to have.

Other Review

Address & Contact Number
Sim Corner Lok Lok
No. 55 Lebuh Kurau 5
Chai Leng Park
13700 Prai
Tel: +6016-4638 698

Business Hour:
5pm to 11pm


Little Inbox said…
I can eat lots of lok lok without noticing how much of MSG I've consumed.
Food For Tots said…
I am not a fan of Lok-Lok because the dipping sauce is shared by so many people. Hygiene is my main concern here.
Anonymous said…
a special shop just to sell lok sis is a big fan of lok, so so only...but personally i think sauce is very important when it comes to lok lok
Big Boys Oven said…
wow the lok lok here looks so slic and clean! I saw they also got my favourite mushroom! wow factor!
ck lam said…
Time for a revisit too. I missed the sauce made by the boss...just tasty with so many choices :)
Unknown said…
It indeed a wide range of lok lok and sauces. ^-^
Duckie said…
oh i love lok lok .. although my friend thinks it is a little unhygenic coz of the water and everyone dipping in it .. but then again, who cares!!! i love it!!!
Hi Little Inbox, :) same here.

Hi Food For Tots, well, to me this is consider the cleanliness among the other stalls, cuz, you can have a separate plate for your own food and sauce too. :)

Hi SimpleGirl, yes, the sauce is important.

Hi BBO, yes, indeed!!! come come come come... come here for Lok Lok.

Hi CK, yup, you're right. I went there after read your post. :)

Hi Food Paradise, oh yes, no doubt about it. You'll be thrilled with these sauces.

Hi Duckie, hahahaha... ya, who cares, wallop first.
Steven Goh said…
I still prefer the outside food leh, may be of the varieties and also the add-on flavor of the dust :)