Victoria Street Wanton Mee

Once I read about Steven’s post on the cheapest Wanton Mee in town, but I never know this is the one that am going to share.

True indeed this is the cheapest Wanton Mee that I ever ever try before! 2 plates of Wanton Mee and about 15 pieces of Wanton only cost us RM5-00!

It’s unbelievable cheap, right?

We’re there on one of the Saturday morning, that morning was drizzling and it’s cold. We didn’t know what to have, while driving around, hubby was saying since we always wonder the corner shop that located on Victoria Street Wanton Mee whether nice or not, why don’t we give it a try.

Without second thought, of course I’ll say yes to him.

The coffee shop gave me a very inheritance and traditional feel, wooden chairs and marble tables and only 1 stalls that doing business.

Hubby made an order, and within few minutes, our plates of Wanton Mee & Wanton were served.

Noodle was springy but could taste the alkaline. Perhaps the uncle ought to change the water frequently, so that he could wash off the alkaline smell when he cooked the noodle.

The sesame oil is generously add on the plate of noodle, it makes this plate of Wanton Mee even more fragrant. Not to forget, Wanton Mee is also best to serve with Sambal Chili, and this stall Sambal Chili is really good.

15 pieces of Wanton on a hot clear chicken stock soup was a kick for us, especially having it on a raining day. It keeps both of us so warm after having it.

The shop is closed on Sunday, if you’re looking for cheap Wanton Mee, this is the place for it.

Other Review

Address & Contact Number
Seng Hong Coffee Shop
Victoria Street
(opposite BT Food Court)

Business Hour: 4am to 11.30am (close on Sunday)


Big Boys Oven said…
I find this days the wanton noodle taste springy and better but the other hand it is difficult to find good char siew topping! :)
Anonymous said…
Wow, in this volatile market condtion, there are still value buy Wan Ton Mee out there. What a surprise to note that, will definite drive downtown to try out. Thanks for sharing it in your blog.
Best regards,
Food hunter
choi yen said…
2 plate of wonton mee for RM 5.00 is consider cheap dy, now have wonton soup somemore!!!
allie said…
wah.. so cheap ler.. but I can't really tolerate alkaline taste in my noodle :P
Little Inbox said…
Really cheap, but I'm too lazy to drive down there just for wanton mee, hehe......
Food For Tots said…
Very cheap!! Looks like his profit line is very thin. Maybe he wants to increase his volume. ;)
foodbin said…
a rare "find", nowadays!
Little Inbox said…
Got SPAM using my name. Hmm!!
buzzingbee said…
Really cheap!! The bowl of wanton and soup would have cost at least an extra RM2-3 already!!
cariso said…
I have yet to try out but every time when I passed by sure will pay attention to this stall! *Hmm...when ah I'll have the chance to try?!*
Steven Goh said…
indeed it a cheap, seems like the cheapest in town :) However, the taste is just "mai hiam beh pai" - quoted from Cariso. Btw, the owner name is Eau Kuai (Monster), he is very friendly.
Unknown said…
It is real cheap ya.....
~Christine~Leng said…
Wantan mee was the first thing i ate when I touched down Malaysia! ;P
hehe. Used to find wantan noodles boring.. but now it's like my new fav dish ;P
Joe said…
I used to work around there, bout 6-7 years ago, that time was $1
ck lam said…
Nice intro to this wanton mee...will sure to give it a try.
Hi BBO, most miserable is the char siew toppings in Penang… they are not like any other places in KL, so tempting.

Hi Food Hunter, don’t mention.

Hi mimid3vils, yup, damn cheap.

Hi allie, well, like Cariso said, ‘mai hiam beh pai’.

Hi Little Inbox, once in awhile, do spend some quality time la, driving around town, take some heritage buildings photos…

Hi Food for Tots, I suppose lor. Or probably he’s basically wanted to spend some time only.

Hi Foodbin, :D you’re right.

Hi Buzzingbee, ya lor… I think this would be the place where your wallet is draining out. :D

Hi Cariso, sure you’ll have a chance.

Hi Steven, ya ya ya, the cheapest in town. Can’t find any where cheaper than this leh.

Hi Food Paradise, yup. Have you tried that?

Hi Worldwindows, no sui kau, but wanton, ai yo… good enough lor.

Hi Christine, good to see you here. Miss it a lot uh, when you’re abroad.

Hi Joe, ah?? Sure ah???

Hi CK, am waiting for you to post.
Anonymous said…
this stall will no longer at victoria street~ it will move to CF Foodcourt ( juz opposite the old location) =)
Anonymous said…
the stall will move to CF Foodcourt (juz opposite the old location which is at victoria street)
Anonymous said…
the stall will move to CF Foodcourt (juz opposite the old location which is at victoria street)
Anonymous said…
the stall will move to CF Foodcourt (juz opposite the old location which is at victoria street)

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