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As you know am not a Thai Food Fan, but then when I drove passed Burmah Road, I saw a shop, named Chiim and it says Contemporary Thai Palate. And down deep in my heart how contemporary will that be. What people says curiosity kills a cat, think that’s true. It kills my curiosity. The Chiim is actually a subsidiary of Chok Dee Thai Restaurant, next two door steps away

We just walked in without 2nd thought and we both thought this must be something like Mom’s Kitchen. Well, we were wrong, it’s simple as only 1 sheet of menu for you to choose their specialty that’s all.

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To “Chow” … where you could choose from the Thai’s Char Koay Teow aka Pad Thai with Prawns (RM10-90) which am having.

Other than that, they have Green Curry Fried Rice (RM8-00), Tomyam with Seafood (RM8-90) or Chicken (RM7-90), Green Curry Chicken with Rice (RM8-90) and many other more.

2009_09_19 Chiim 024a
What hubby took was Chicken & Basil Leaves with Sunny Side Up Egg (RM8-90), it’s also Chiim’s specialty.

2009_09_19 Chiim 027a
Apart from the main, we have side dish, Thai Fish Cake, minimum order is 2 pieces and that costs RM4-00, which means 1 piece is RM2-00. We both find it a bit pricey.

With the “Chow” of course, we’ll have something to “Wash”, right?

2009_09_19 Chiim 018a
What Chiim offers are – Longan either hot or cold (RM3-50), Fresh Lime (RM5-00), Honey Green Tea with Lime either hot or cold (RM4-50), Thai Mixed Fruit Lassi (RM4-00) and all these are Chiim’s specialty.

Be forewarned that the serving is small, hubby was highlighting his portion could hardly fill his stomach, ended up looking for his favorite “Ham Chim Pang” the once famous Cintra Street roadside stall (RM0-60).

If you still intend to try out the taste, please “Chiim Noi Si” in Thai it means sample a food.

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Address & Contact Number
Chiim Contemporary Thai
231-A Burmah Road
10350 Penang
Tel: +604-227 1088

Business Hour:
12pm to 3pm 6pm to 10pm (Tue to Sun)
Closed on Monday (except Public Holidays)


minchow said…
Looks really good!! Not quite like your average Thai dai chow... taste-wise, a bit finer too??
Nice shot!! Enjoy reading your blog!! :)
Anonymous said…
your photography skills have improved leaps n bounds. :)
the fish cakes do look rather thin and pathetic though. for RM2 each.
ai wei said…
nice photos!!!
the charkoayteow is good looking but the Thai Fish Cake is so much expensive. @@
buzzingbee said…
sub branch of chok dee thai? But why open so near to each other? now this is making me curious. Haha
gill gill said…
you are fast! but anyway, the food looks pretty ordinary to me, as its not so call contemporary (modern or up to date) thai food. It is just a cosmetic twist.
Anonymous said…
basil leave chicken is always my fav dish!!!yday only we had it for lunch!!!!
Duckie said…
looks really good. never heard of this place also ... thanks for sharing
Lingzie said…
yay! new thai food place! didn't see this place at all even though i pass by quite a lot!
but aiyo the fish cakes look a bit sad la... wonder why the owners decided to open a new place a few doors away from their existing restaurant?
ck lam said…
Saw this place but never expect it to belong to them...
Hi 550ml jar of faith, well taste wise, honestly nothing much to complain.

Hi Bearbee Foodstop, thank you.

Hi J2Kfm, thank you... still have a lot to learn. Yes, the fish cake is rather pricey.

Hi Ivy, ya lor... way too expensive.

Hi Buzzingbee, I also dunno why.

Hi Gill, I agree with you... the word contemporary is more of the deco of the place.

Hi SimpleGirl, I can't stand the smell or the taste of the leave.

Hi Duckie, it's newly opened.

Hi Lingzie, not sure, didn't check with them. I bet you love Thai Food.

Hi CK, neither do I.
Little Inbox said…
I never know got such restaurant there, I'm really out dated! LOL!
Food For Tots said…
A sub for CDT? What is the diff in term of taste? But it sounds more pricey to me.
jason said…
The name suits the portions very well!
email2me said…
What a coincidence. I also wrote about Thai food today ... XD

The Thai food that you had there is a bit pricey for base in Penang.
allie said…
oo.. another new Thai restaurant! Agree with Lingzie, the fish cakes looks a bit sad la :P
allie said…
oo.. another new Thai restaurant! Agree with Lingzie, the fish cakes looks a bit sad la :P
CRIZ LAI said…
I thought of visiting them when they were having their renovation but was fore-warned by a "vendor" that they are a high pricing one. :P Anyway, I'll intro you to a simple and homely Thai food soon... at half or lesser than what you are paying for. :P
Anonymous said…
Hello and thank you for your write up on Chiim. My name is Jeremy and I think I remember you sat at the first table by the door with your husband.

"Chiim Contemporary Thai Palates" may be a mouth full for anyone, we will be shortening it to "Chiim by Chok Dee".

I have read the many comments of why are we located so near one another. The reason is, we aren't exactly offering the same menu, but the type where you would find when you go on a Bangkok holiday - Urban street food. Some call it hawker, some call it food court-ish. Whichever aptly defines it is each individuals' opinion.

The menu has now been lengthened to twenty items with another six salads and three appetizers. In your previous visit, I relied on the expertise of Chok Dee's chef to produce the eight choices you saw on the menu due to absence of my original team of chefs.(their medical was rejected by the government)

A new team of chefs(higher credentials than the former)have arrived and we have drawn up a menu with popular staple meals, Bangkokians have on a daily basis.

Our portion sizes have also increased though we try not to overdo as it might make it too rich for an individuals taste.

The 'contemporary' here actually means we're not in any way trying to be traditional. I.e. Buddha images, Thai handicrafts, traditional painting etc. We're trying to go with modern contemporary, shying away from Chok Dee.

Just to give you a few examples of our new additions. We have Pork on Lemongrass Stick*, Mussel Cake*, Marinated Chicken Wings(appetizers); Som tum(choice of papaya, mango or carrot), Kerabu Kang Kong, Mango Salad & Crispy Prawn Meat(Salads); Pad Thai wrapped in egg, Khao Soi (Chiang Mai special noodles), Pad See Ew Moo or Gai(koay teow stir fried with pork or chicken), Thai Laksa (Green Curry or Fish Paste) and many more.

Please feel free to drop by again to chiim the new menu. I thank you again for your post of my humble restaurant.


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