Gelatissimo, Gurney Plaza

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 008a

When I received the email from Gourmet Garden about the review for Gelatissimo, I immediately accept it without second thought. Cuz, that gives me the opportunity to know more about the making Gelato.

In fact, do I fancy their ice cream? Well, of course… otherwise, I would not have been visited their first outlet in The Garden.

When we first stepped into this place, we posted a lot of questions to the owner, we asked question what’s the differences between ice cream and gelato, what’s the difference between gelato and sorbet, and many more.

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 033a

He’s kind enough to explain each of our doubts and also showed us the process of making the gelato.

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 001a

Honestly how does this Gelato came about, there are many versions of it, what I have extracted from the Gelatissimo’s site is something like this - In the thirteenth century Marco Polo discovered recipes for frozen milk desserts among the treasure he brought back from the court of the great Khan. A few centuries later in France, ices became really fashionable. Francesco Procope, (now with a French accented name) opened the first Parisienne ice cream parlour. Within a short time, there were some two hundred and fifty such parlours. From France, ice cream making spread to the English court.

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 005a2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 007a2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 051a2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 021a

We have tried all the flavour that day and what’s the best is their best selling flavour – Mango. Some how it’s flavourful compared to other brand of ice cream or gelato.

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 056a2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 057a

Of course, they have other drinks that is for other customers too… for example, gelato float, gelato shakes, etc.

2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 019a2009_08_22 Gelatisimo 009a

And all sizes of cups for what you could order, and the price list is also openly presented to its customers too.

Down in Malaysia, only 3 branches and this one of it is in Gurney Plaza.

Outlet Address
Gurney Plaza
170-G-45A, Persiaran Gurney

G53 1-Utama Shopping Centre
Lebuh Bandar Utama

The Gardens
LG-K08 The Gardens at Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
Mid Valley

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tigerfish said…
The gelato looks too good!
Anonymous said…
I TRIED Gelatissimo at Gardens, love it, coz the less fat one made me feel less guilty LOL!!!
allie said…
Love their gelato! I like mango and chocolate flavour.
But oops I've yet to post this one :P
Little Inbox said…
Haven't try theirs. :(
ck lam said…
Great to see your colorful gelato review.
J2Kfm said…
great stuff. so colourful and vibrant. IF only they're slightly cheaper. hehehe ... least can try few scoops at one go.
buzzingbee said…
ohhh your post makes me crave for the mango and chocolate gelatos again!!! :)
KoolAide said…
cool. i blogged this too. i love their death by chocolate and choco truffle. :) awesome. can i link your blog? :)

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