Home Style Restaurant 家式飯店

Looks like every Saturday, hubby will find some time to drive around in the island to look for food. Some times, I can never understand him, why can’t he stay put at home?

2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 17a

One of the weekend, we landed in this place called Home Style Restaurant, where CK Lam had introduced me before, and now here it is.

2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 011a

Since this is our first time, we were recommended their signature dish - Braised Tong Bor Pork Ribs with mui-choy and nuts. It’s something different from the ordinary Tong Bor Meat, which you’ll have some tiny buns to go with it. Probably I find it too salty, didn’t quite like this dish.

2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 014a

Apart from this, we had their Home Made Bean Curd with Sauté Brinjal & Dried Shrimp. Well, this is something I find it different from other places, as other places will normally come with minced meat. What gotta be taken note is that it’s also has chili padi sauté brinjal.

2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 016a

Come next is Stir Fry Lettuce which is something that we should have in every meaty meal.

2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 001a2009_10_10 Home Cook Restaurant 002a

A glass of Home Made Soya Bean that end the dinner down here. I noticed this place is quite pack if you are here after 7.30pm, tables and chairs are all lined up down at the road side. Perhaps, or rather my perception, nowadays people are more health conscious thus when they see the word Home Cook or Home Style that’s how it attracts people to visit.

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Address & Contact Number
Permai 32, No. 2
Lebuh Lembah Permai 4
11200 Tanjong Bungah
Tel: +6016-475 9181


foodbin said…
the home made beancurd topped with brinjal is so special-must be good.
ck lam said…
During my last visit, I was introduced to their steamed kampung chicken...with good texture.
Little Inbox said…
Home style food is definitely my favourite. Thanks for sharing some of the dishes, I can try to cook something similar at home too :P
email2me said…
Respect your hubby ..... really got the foodies blood running in his veins.

Me too can't stay put at home and look for food whenever I am free. :D
Anonymous said…
looks like is another place for great order dishes and great food
Big Boys Oven said…
wow I would love to visit and dine here, looks rather innovative authentic!
He is awesome I guess, I would not stay at home to eat home cooking food during the weekend! lol!
cariso said…
Hey, the 2nd pic - shows the name of Chin Bee (which always have their own zhu char oh!)