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When I was here last year, I remember I didn’t see this outlet exists. Perhaps it opens after that… when it comes to food in Pavilion, seriously, you maybe wonder what to eat, whether the food nice or not, or is it value for the money or it’s accommodate to our budget, another word we called it – boring.

Grandmama’s though is not any household name, but the food offered isn’t that bad, at least it is compliant to our basic request, like budget, value for money, serving and so on.

I know many Penangite will not agree with me to have Chicken Rice in such a beautiful mall. Cuz, any stalls in the island would have beaten this, in terms of price, serving and the taste.

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But when come to a point there’s nothing in the menu the spur up your interest; let’s go back to basic – Chicken Rice (RM13.80).

I have to admit that the chicken rice here is not up to Penang’s standard, but the way they steam the chicken, it steamed to perfection. It makes the chicken tender and juicy, added on some sesame oil, soya sauce and so on. So, conclusion it isn’t bad at all!

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What I have was Hakka Fried Rice (RM14.50). What makes me curious to find out is the difference on Hakka Fried Rice and other ordinary fried rice? When they served, I nearly laugh out loud, it was just the colour darker that’s all. Taste wise, it’s full of ‘wok hei’, it’s delicious.

This place though may find it pricey, but with the cramp down in Food Republic and the price that’s selling down there, I rather op for Grandmama’s. At least it saves all the hassles of queuing up for food, and the price is about the same. So, why not, right?

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Address & Contact Number
Grandmama's Cooking with More Loving
6.01.01 & 6.01.02
Level 6 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2143 9333


ai wei said…
guess that's the price to pay for having meal in a good nice place :D
Little Inbox said…
Can't complaint much about the price cuz the location is different from coffee shop and hawker centre.
Steven Goh said…
humm... never had tried at this place before. Wanna try this out. Btw, does it makes you think of your granny after the meal?
allie said…
The fried rice is so dark lo. I didn't know that hakka fried rice is so dark in colour although I'm a Hakka :P
Big Boys Oven said…
Next time you drop by we go to Hutong at Lot 10! :)
Duckie said…
i love places with homely names ... only the name itself makes me wanna try already!!!
Taufulou said…
ermm..pass by and check their menu, did not interest me with their menu..
i rather op for madam kwan..
tigerfish said…
The fried rice is so "black"! Did they use red cargo rice? ;p
pigpigscorner said…
wahh the fried rice looks amazing!
xin said…
LOL ok my mom's fried rice is always dark in color and i like it in black better :) and we are hakka! and omg i didnt know it is a hakka style. LOL.
Tummythoz said…
Was just there a week ago. Pricey for ordinary tasting food but good place to chit-chat with galpals after meal.
J2Kfm said…
Yeah, and they're serving really good Sang Har Meen and Beef Noodles, I think I read from somewhere.
Though eating in malls will surely cost a bomb, I'd take hawker fares anytime.
Babe_KL said…
LOL we were here last night, hubby gave them a piece of his mind over his fish head beehoon for having so much bones :p

anyway wish you a wonderful and happy new year!
choi yen said…
Very dark fried rice!!!
Apple Foodees said…
Grandmama, cute name.
RM13.80 for a plate of chicken rice is way too expensive. But on the positive side, if it is delicious, I don't mind having a plate there.
Food For Tots said…
When I went to Pavilion during my last visit, it was really packed during lunch time. Will check out this newly opened restaurant. Tks for sharing.
Hi Ivy, yup… nothing much to complain when you’re there for a break/holiday.

Hi Little Inbox, you’re right.

Hi Steven, geee… I never thought of it.

Hi Allie, neither do I know about it.

Hi BBO, I went to Hutong at Lot 10, and happened that I bounced into my uncle aunty, they were commenting the food was just so so only. Can we find good food there?

Hi Duckie, is that so??

Hi Taufulou, Madam Kwan is always full… I see beelines lining up for food, which had actually put me a stop to enter.

Hi Tigerfish, red cargo rice?? Not that I know…

Hi Pigpigscorner, amazing to you?? They are commenting too dark.

Hi Xin, hahahahaa… you cracked me up.

Hi Tummythoz, well, for that place and expected to have high rental. So the price is about there.

Hi J2Kfm, I think you read from Masak-Masak. I only got to know after I paid them a visit.

Hi Babe_KL, hahahahahaha… well, am ok with fish with too many bones… only those fish that could taste the sweetness in it. Happy New Year to you and your family too!

Hi mimid3vils, ya lor! Very dark!

Hi Apple Foodees, expected to be that expensive especially down on the place like Pavilion, am sure the rental is expensive.

Hi Food For Tots, not at all, hope you have a wonderful time down there.