Restaurant Pau Kee 保記沙河粉茶餐廳

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Know what… I actually planned to look for this shop when I got to know from WMW’s post. I was searching here and there and couldn’t find it, ended up; I landed in Wing Heng Seng Coffee Shop. While we were about to get up and leave the place, I accidentally saw the shop and upset that we just had a heavy breakfast. But hubby was grumbling to me that that he didn’t have enough but hope to get some snack.

Well, being a blogger you will persuade your other half to try out and take the opportunity to take photo, right? I was having that thought and hubby could really know me well, he was very spontaneous and brings me there for another round of breakfast.

2009_12_26 Pou Kee 001a 2009_12_26 Pou Kee 002a

When we enter the shop, I could see WMW’s post every where… if am not mistaken it was on StarOnline as well.

2009_12_26 Pou Kee 009a

Now, here’s the bowl of Ipoh Sar Hor Fun with Prawn Sui Kow.

Soup base is fragrant, I supposed they have boiled it for long hours, the flat noodles is soft and smooth.

With the prawns, chicken slice and some chives on top of the noodle that makes the bowl of hor fun lovely and tempting.

Prawn Sui Kow was fresh and the meat was tender, I could feel the springy of the prawns. So, how could it be wrong that the prawns are not fresh then, right??

2009_12_26 Pou Kee 004a 2009_12_26 Pou Kee 005a

The bowl of hor fun could be accompanied by 2 types of chilies, either chili paste or chopped chili.
Now looking at these pictures, remind me of the bowl of hor fun at this time of hour. :)
Gee, I just miss that…

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Address & Contact Number
10 Jalan Utara
Off Jalan Imbi
Tel: +6016-375 1360 (Mr & Mrs Chong)


Food For Tots said…
So yummy! Hungry too!
foodbin said…
if the hor fun is smooth and the soup is tasty-then it's good.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I haven't tried the new shop yet. Used to frequent the place when it was in Tong Shin.

Did you have to wait for long? I remember waiting for 20-30 mins back then.
Unknown said…
This one passed your criteria huh... ^-^
Little Inbox said…
Not bad for the additional breakfast ya...
choi yen said…
I'm the one who ask for second round of breakfast instead of my hubby~~ XD
Steven Goh said…
still at KL post? anyway, the hor fun making me hungry at night :)
email2me said…
Wah blogger power!

The soup are really nice ... taste before but haven't got time to post it. :D
J2Kfm said…
Yeah, remember WMW's post very well. Somewhere in KL where one can find Ipoh style of Hor Fun? Lovely.
wmw said…
Hey! Glad you found it nevertheless....(written in my post, next to Honda showroom) and that you like it, eh?