Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine

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A Sichuan cuisine in town that not many people is aware of. It’s authentic & original. Chefs are ‘imported’ from Beijing and the restaurant is awarded a few awards as following –
  • The Best Chinese Restaurant in UK by Stores Magazine, New York, USA
  • Best of the Best by Good Life Magazine
I am pleased to introduce Chin’s – The Stylish Chinese Cuisine which established in 1987 London UK. The restaurant was voted The Best Restaurant of the Year by What’s on in London & Store Magazine, New York. Restaurant owner Dave Chin’s number 4th restaurant in town was only opened few months ago and was not publicly launched.

A brief intro about Dave Chin, owner of QE II, SoHo Country House in Auto City and SoHo Free House in Penang Road. Chin’s is the 4th restaurant that owned by him. A graphic designer by profession, and also run a restaurant in London some time in the 80s and 90s.

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The in-house deco is nicely done up, cozy and romantic. Chandeliers dangling down from the ceilings are eye catching; each table has different type of chairs, and setting. Even the dining plate is hand written and it’s open for sale, each plate selling at RM180 each.

Chin’s signature and awarded dish are – Abalone, Foie Gras, Crispy Aromatic Duck, and Lobster Noodle. Each sets range from RM128 (minimum 4 pax) to RM68 (minimum 2 pax) for their customers.

2010_02_07 Chin's 077a 2010_02_07 Chin's 075a 2010_02_07 Chin's 074a 2010_02_07 Chin's 079a

Cold Appetizers that serves are Garlic Cucumber, Spicy Turnip Cubes, Hunan Shredded Seaweed and Century Eggs in Grilled Red Pepper.

2010_02_07 Chin's 081a 2010_02_07 Chin's 082a

Hot Appetizers are Heavenly Blessed Joysticks which has Seashell meat, Baby Abalone and Sea Fungus dip in the hot boiled chili oil in a bamboo. It was what it says Heavenly Blessed Joysticks.

2010_02_07 Chin's 078a

Not to miss Sesame Prawns on Toast is absolutely crispy and it tempts you to have more of it.

After all appetizers were served, a waitress hand us a bowl of warm water with a slice of lemon for us to wash our hand. That means it’s ready for the second dish, Chin’s awarded dish – The Chin’s Aromatic Crispy Duck.

2010_02_07 Chin's 086a 2010_02_07 Chin's 088a 2010_02_07 Chin's 092a 2010_02_07 Chin's 093a 2010_02_07 Chin's 094a 2010_02_07 Chin's 095a

This dish has to accompany by the home made pancake, sweet sauce, spring onions, and slice cucumbers. It’s absolutely delicious.

2010_02_07 Chin's 116a 2010_02_07 Chin's 120a 2010_02_07 Chin's 128a 2010_02_07 Chin's 129a

After having that, main course is on its way to our table, I could smell the aromatic Sichuan hot pepper… Spicy Hot Poached Fish, it’s socked by hot chili oil, in Sichuan, the entire bowl is full of chili oil, but down here has slightly modify due to people’s health conscious.

2010_02_07 Chin's 143a 2010_02_07 Chin's 136a

We were supposed to have Crispy Chili Beef, but we requested to change to Dragon & Phoenix Nesting. It’s utterly beautiful, and the prawns are fresh and tender.

2010_02_07 Chin's 131a 2010_02_07 Chin's 132a

Steamed Frog-leg in Bamboo Tube Pepper. It’s something that we have not seen before nor try, it’s definitely thumbs up.

2010_02_07 Chin's 124a 2010_02_07 Chin's 127a

Hot Pot Chicken, Salted Fish & Aubergine. The pot is absolutely fragrant and aromatic.

2010_02_07 Chin's 130a

Sauté Hot & Sour Chinese Cabbage, it looks simple, but it’s definitely hot and spicy. Don’t be fooled by its look in fact.

Not to forget, the above all is best to serve with a bowl of fragrant steam rice.

2010_02_07 Chin's 169a 2010_02_07 Chin's 170a 2010_02_07 Chin's 163a 2010_02_07 Chin's 171a

Last but not least… let’s have a dessert on a Martini glass…. Jasmine Jelly, Sea Coconut & White Fungus that ends the wonder dinner in a pleasant restaurant.

Address & Contact Number
Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine
Tanjong City Marina
Church St Pier (Next to QE II)
8A Pengkalan Weld
Georgetown, Penang
Tel: +604-261 2611
Fax: +604- 261 3128
Mobile: Dave Chin +6012-478 1262


    My Food Fetish said…
    Great pictures and thanks for the review. Definitely will try very soon :)
    Big Boys Oven said…
    omg! this is awesome defintely i would love to try this place, looks really awesome! :)
    Little Inbox said…
    Early morning seeing all these dishes, really beh tahan. The food is so delicious.
    allie said…
    Love your shots!
    ck lam said…
    I love the food served in Chin's. I have yet to post my review of this restaurant. The place is just awesome especially the view and all the huge photo frames hanging down from the ceiling right above the table.
    Anonymous said…
    ok, next to QE ii....CHINESE fine dining ...nice place ya
    Lingzie said…
    lovely review!! i've been wanting to try out this place but haven't had the chance yet. the place and the food looks amazing!
    Taufulou said…
    wow! didnt know pg got such a nice restaurant..totally unique..
    email2me said…
    Wah this Chinese Fine Dine looks fabulous ..... Will try to visit them during CNY.
    Food For Tots said…
    Nice ambience and the food looks impressive too! The bamboo tube pepper dish sounds interesting!
    choi yen said…
    the decor, the plates wah..really amaze me!!!
    cariso said…
    Very nice ceiling lightings! Agree with Little Inbox, beh tahan looking at the food.
    Babe_KL said…
    just curious, with such pricing, can survive in penang? :p

    wish you and your family a happy, healthy and properous Chinese New Year
    Nice collection of pictures. Great jobs.
    Big Boys Oven said…
    Hey! Gong Hei Fatt Choy, . . . . Ang Pow tau loy! hehehe

    Hey have a great time this fetive yeah! :) from us sunny & sid!
    pigpigscorner said…
    THe place is beautiful and everything looks so delicious. Have to keep this place in mind.
    Hi My Food Fetish, don’t mention. So, have you review the place?

    Hi BBO, I got to know they do not offer RM68 dishes anymore.

    Hi Little Inbox, ai ya, no need to beh tahan, once in awhile do indulge yourself that would help to release some stress!

    Hi Allie, thank you!

    Hi CK, yes, you’re right, everything down there are awesome.

    Hi SimpleGirl, yup!

    Hi Lingzie, chance is an excuse, just go and try it. Am sure you will love it!

    Hi Taufulou, yes, very unique in fact.

    Hi email2me, did you visit them during CNY?

    Hi Food For Tots, yes, very much indeed.

    Hi mimid3vils, amazing, hor??? Very nice hor… the price is RM180 leh!! And all hand written.

    Hi Cariso, go la!!! Am sure you will love it.

    Hi Babe_KL, well, let’s wait and see lor. The owner apparently has owned 3 to 4 restaurants in the island already. So, what do you think???

    Hi Simple M’sian Recipes, thank you!

    Hi Pigpigsconer, jot down in your makan list?
    Nice information, thanks for the tips. like it very much

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