CY Choy Road Hokkien Mee 橋頭正宗福建麵

2010_02_27 橋頭正宗福建麵 003a 2010_02_27 橋頭正宗福建麵 002a

Apparently this is one of the authentic Hokkien Mee in Penang and it’s located at the end of CY Choy Road. Before it moved to the shop lot, it was basically underneath a tree, where the traffic light is located.

And because of everyone knows this stall by that area, the owner didn’t want to move to any place but stay put there.

It was a coincident morning that we both thought of having a bowl of Koay Teow Th’ng for breakfast, but ended up; we both were landed in this place for breakfast.

The stall is open from 7am till 5pm, and it’s off every Monday if I remember correctly. It’s operated by a specky uncle whom stand at his stall and ready to take order from his customers.

2010_02_27 橋頭正宗福建麵 006a 2010_02_27 橋頭正宗福建麵 004a

Per bowl is charging RM2-50 for a small bowl, about RM3-50 for a big bowl of Hokkien Mee. Apart from Hokkien Mee, they are selling Loh Mee as well. Well, basically Hokkien Mee & Loh Mee are something has to come together… you just can’t separate them apart.

Soup base was slightly clear to me compared to the other Hokkien Mee that I’d tried. It doesn’t have that spiciness in the soup, but in fact, it’s tasty. And it didn’t give you the thirsty throat if you wallop the entire bowl of soup.

Overall, this is a stall should pay a visit if you’re around the town. Parking space is not an issue of course, you gotta be really fast to turn into right after the traffic light.


email2me said…
This is another good stall of Penang famous hokkien mee. Can be ranked in the top 5 range.
Anonymous said…
will add in the must try list of Penang good food!
choi yen said…
I just curious why lor mee must "stay" together with prawn mee?
Big Boys Oven said…
this is awesomely deliouc and your photos made it look so classic! superb!
Little Inbox said…
looks good but too bad, I can't have it now.
erinalaw said…
This is a good one. Guess what, I drop by there at least once a week. Until that uncle also know us so well. No need to say anything, they will know who will drink what and what each of us want to add in our Hokkien Mee. Great, rite?
Hi email2me, that’s what I heard.

Hi SimpleGirl, :)

Hi mimid3vils, same here…

Hi BBO, thank you!

Hi Little Inbox, don’t worry…. You have it. :)

Hi Erina, of course that’s great. Wow, every week once???

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