A revisit to this Chinese Fusion Fine Dining Restaurant that is located at the 2nd floor of G Hotel, and its named Sesame.

I’ve been here before, and if you remember we’d good time down there many years ago. It was a good experience for us and our family.

This visit is merely company’s event that we organized, and this is the place that we chose to appreciate our colleagues for the past one year hardship.

It was a Scavenger Hunt that our department organized and the final destination is right here at Gurney Plaza, conveniently the dinner that adjourns the teambuilding would be at G Hotel.

Price range down from RM66 to RM128, we chose the RM118 menu that consists of sumptuous food like caviar, lobster, abalone, etc.

Doesn’t that sound interesting? Yup, and I just mentioned abalone and caviar.

2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 051a 2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 050a 2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 044a 2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 049a

1st dish that served was Sichuan Chilled Smoked Duck (四川煙鴨青瓜柱), jelly fish stuffed with tuna mayo, served in Japanese cucumber ring.

2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 073a 2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 068a

2nd dish was Shanghainese Golden Broth (上海黃燜乾貝翅), basically shark’s fin, crab roe and black caviar on a golden broth. This is absolutely elegant, and delegate to me.

2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 077a 2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 076a

3rd dish was Hunan Style Baby Lobster (湖南乾煎小龍蝦), it’s a simmered with garlic and spicy bean sauce marinated lobster. It was utterly yummy yummy!!

2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 093a

4th dish was Baked Cod Fish (巧手叉燒焗銀鱈), marinated with char-siew sauce then baked. Steamed French beans and deep fried herbs as deco. Some how I don’t find this well go with the cod fish, perhaps it should be either lightly pan fried or lightly baked.

2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 108a 2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 109a 2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 113a

5th is what they named it Golden Fried Rice (XO鮑仔黃金炒飯), cubes of baby abalone, fried with XO sauce and added salmon roe as deco.

2010_01_29 QA Scavenger Hunt 157a

Last but not least… not to miss the dessert, Green Tea Tiramis (綠茶伴提拉米蘇) and Soya-Apple Ice Cream. Since this is a Chinese Fusion Fine Dining, I would expect something like Chinese Dessert. Anyway, it wasn’t that bad, it’s smooth unfortunately it wasn’t that chilled when it serves.

Oh yes, before I end this post, would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year... Cuz, today is a Spring Day and to the traditional customs, this is the day that a new year is begin!


Unknown said…
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minchow said…
Looks truly delicious!! Nothing like the cloying Chinese banquets which await us during CNY!
Big Boys Oven said…
OMG! I am drizzling with delight! this is seriously delicious! Come we go there again on our next visit to Penang! nice lar! I love the G!
Little Inbox said…
So nice for the company dinner! Looks like company is performing well. :P
Ninehitz said…
Wow.. luxury meal !!
Superb the taste..yummy!
Ninehitz said…
Wow.. luxury meal !!
Superb the taste..yummy!
My Food Fetish said…
I have always liked the Sesame at G-Hotel for its great ambiance and even better food. It's probably one of its kind in Penang.
ck lam said…
Great food...hope other restaurants will follow up with such concept.
J2Kfm said…
Fine dining indeed. Though sometimes, one craves for the more traditional approach in Chinese cuisine, that's slowly losing out to the salted egg xxx, butter milk xxx, and fancy desserts.

I like my sweet and sour pork, pork patty with salted fish, and fermented beancurd (foo yee) with yau mak.
cariso said…
Chinese Fusion Fine Dining -great new style which I've never tried before yet.

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