Sun Marpoh Restaurant 孖寶海鮮飯店


I have been wanted to write about my family favorite place for a long time… guess this is the right time for this post. Sun Marpoh Restaurant that’s located in Ipoh Garden it’s the place for many neighborhood’s favorite place for lunch or dinner. A place where you could find food that is reasonable and it’s big serving too.

I’ve always admire this neighborhood, as even on Chinese New Year eve they are open for business. So that has actually taken off the headache for many people. In fact, they have been here for a very long long time.

This is the place where we gathered recently with our relatives and friends for lunch. A simple home cooked food were ordered and served with steam rice.

2010_02_20 Mar Poh 007a 2010_02_20 Mar Poh 006a

Not to forget a Loh Sang (撈生) for a start. Each one of us is wishing to have good luck, good fortune and good health.

Followed by other dishes… like vegetables, meats, etc served right after the Yee Sang Toasting.

2010_02_20 Mar Poh 010a 2010_02_20 Mar Poh 009a

Stir Fry Asparagus with assorted mushrooms.

2010_02_20 Mar Poh 016a 2010_02_20 Mar Poh 014a

Chicken Broth Milk Cabbage (奶白上湯).

2010_02_20 Mar Poh 017a 2010_02_20 Mar Poh 012a

Braised Bean Curd (紅燒豆腐).

2010_02_20 Mar Poh 015a

Fermented Soya Bean Steam Fish (豆醬蒸魚)

2010_02_20 Mar Poh 029a 2010_02_20 Mar Poh 027a 2010_02_20 Mar Poh 020a 2010_02_20 Mar Poh 019a

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle (油浸鹹豬手) with Fried Man Tou (饅頭) and special sauce.

2010_02_20 Mar Poh 021a

Ginger Steam Chicken (薑濃雞).

2010_02_20 Mar Poh 025a 2010_02_20 Mar Poh 024a

Butter Prawns (奶油蝦).

Though the dishes are simple but the company for the lunch, the get together’s value that make this lunch happy.

Address & Contact Number
Sun Marpoh Restaurant Sdn Bhd
No. 67-69 Jalan Lau Pak Khuan
Ipoh Garden
31400 Ipoh
Tel: +605-5455 127


Big Boys Oven said…
Wow! I am salivating of MarPoh now, definitely will be my next stop! :)
Little Inbox said…
Although those are simple dishes, but all of them looked good. Nice photos!
ai wei said…
Deep Fried Pork Knuckle is looking tempting!!! *drool*

very very nice photos too <3
Anonymous said…
yup...if you book earlier, you dont have to wait for long time also...great place for dining..
allie said…
Happy Chinese New Year to you!!! I've marked down Sun Marpoh in my makan list. :)
ck lam said…
The food looks simply delicious!
choi yen said…
same like ai wei, eyeing on the deep fried pork knukle, the skin seem like very crispy~~
email2me said…
Look like you are fully mastering your D90 :D Excellent photography here :D

Make the food look so tasty :D
Steven Goh said…
Sun Marpoh, very unique the name... btw, I have never come across that place yet. if got chance to go to ipoh will drop by and have a look
"Though the dishes are simple but the company for the lunch, the get together’s value that make this lunch happy." - All picture on "Sun Marpoh Restaurant show was great and i think the food in delicious.

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J2Kfm said…
One of the best dai chow place in Ipoh. Since my childhood days reli. Great shots, I'd like to get my hands on a D90 myself.
wmw said…
Oooo...lovely photos! I'm hungry now...(look at what time it is!)
Sweet Jasmine said…
This is my favorite dining place in Ipoh. Delicious and reasonable priced..
Hi BBO, thought you should know this place well??

Hi Little Inbox, they are one of the best Chu Char in Ipoh, I heard.

Hi Ai Wei, thank you!!

Hi Simple Girl, actually I didn’t know gotta book. :)

Hi Allie, remember to share ah?

Hi CK, oh yes, no doubt about it!

Hi mimid3vils, yes, very much!

Hi email2me, thank you, like you advise me before, practice make perfect!

Hi Steven, oh please drop by, you wouldn’t regret.

Hi Nicolas, yes, no doubt about it.

Hi J2Kfm, why not getting one??? I bet you would take nice pictures too!

Hi WMW, wei… wrong timing la!! Sure hungry la!

Hi Sweet Jasmine, good to see you here… yes, you’re right! Delicious and reasonable price.