Hainanese Delights懷鄉居

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 003a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 009a Hainanese Delight

If you’re looking back those fond memories that you used to have when you’re small, especially on those restaurants along Batu Feringghi beaches. This is the place where you could find back those memories.

Well, am referring to those Hainanese cooks that cook good spring rolls, curry kapitan, curry chicken, chicken pie and so on. I used to patron a restaurant named Hollywood when I was small, and they cooked good spring rolls and curry kapitan. Though Hollywood Restaurant still exists, but it has lost its shine since then, and now, I found this along Burmah Road. Yes, and this is operates by Hainanese cooks, managed by Hainanese too, they have many years of experience in cooking Hainanese food.

Hainanese Delight is the place that’s situated in the oldest hotel in Penang and is located along Burmah Road. It would not be difficult to spot on, Hotel 1926, a budget hotel along the road, a big signboard that shows Hainanese Delight, and that’s the one that caught many people attention.

You could find Hainanese Spring Roll down here, as well as Hainanese Mushroom Soup.

Isn’t that interest you? Well, it does for me. In fact, during one of the weekends, few of us meet up for lunch with our KL friends. And the food that we had was a lot to share, and it was absolutely delicious!

Down from noodles to any dishes that we had, am going to show you how tasteful it would be from these pictures. It not only brings back the fond memories that I have when I was small, but it also gives us the good taste bud in all of these too.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 082a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 084a

Chicken Pie (RM25), advisable to pre-order to avoid disappointment. It’s cover by puff pastry and lightly baked. I like the golden colour of the pastry, not to mention the meat and mushrooms. It’s absolutely a big thumb up for this.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 048a

Macaroni Pie (RM25). Macaroni, Cheese lightly baked with meringue or some put mashed potato.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 045a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 050a

Braised Lamb with Ladies Fingers (RM18). The lamb is braised till its tender and juicy, and the sauce is making one mouth watering. It isn’t that bad to serve with steam rice too.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 062a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 064a

Hainanese Spring Roll (RM6 per roll), my all time favourite. It rolled with crab meat, mushrooms, cabbage, and other ingredients.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 077a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 078a

Another signature which is famous from Hainanese, the Hainanese Chicken Rice (RM10), it’s a poach chicken with its liver and other intestines. Lightly added light soya sauce and best to have with the ginger chili sauce.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 060a 2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 057a

Inche Kabin aka Deep Fried Marinated Chicken (RM15) is a typical Peranakan dish, however, it’s also famous in Hainanese colonial. It’s always serves together with prawn crackers.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 066a

Chicken Curry Kapitan (RM12), it’s a dry version of chicken curry.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 044a

Hainanese Mushroom Soup (RM12), it’s an authentic Hainanese food. It’s not any other mushroom soup which we normally known off. However, this is something that comes with glass noodles, chicken cubes, mushrooms and other ingredients.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 081a

Fry Hor Fun, dry style. Which is absolutely fragrant, you can’t resist to have second serving.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 039a

Seafood Yellow Noodle, it’s good to have it with their home made sambal belachan.

2009_12_20 Hainanese Delights 040

Last… home made bun by BigBoysOven – Sunny & Sydney. It was a Sunday class conducted by them and it’s fresh and fragrant. How can we miss that right??

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Address & Contact Number
Hainanese Delights懷鄉居
1926 Heritage Hotel
227 Jalan Burmah
10050 Penang
Tel: +6012-428 8995 (Mr JP Wong)
+604-226 1926

Business Hour
11.30am to 3pm
6pm to 10pm
Daily, closed on Monday


Little Inbox said…
So many mouth watering dishes. Yummy yummy!
Food For Tots said…
The food looks so mouth-watering! Hainases food is my favourite. Got to bookmark this place for my next visit. ;)
Jason Wong said…
Although Hollywood has lost its luster and shine from the yesteryears, their food still maintain a certain standard. And is better than Hainanese Delights by a nose.

Atmosphere wise, Hollywood is still rundown and nothing much has been done after the Tsunami hit them hard.
Duckie said…
oh i didn't know of such place!! thanks for sharing!!
Christina Kim said…
Hehehe, the chicken pie is not Hainanese right? I thought that's French? =P
Thanks for sharing this lovely info, like Food for Tots, I must also bookmark it;)
Big Boys Oven said…
wow! it was a great get together! :) great food, great company
cariso said…
Wow, must mark down in my hunting list odi! :)
J2Kfm said…
I love Hainanese food. A fusion between traditional Chinese, and colonial Brit fares.

I'm a Hainanese myself, and they say we are good cooks. I can't even go near a kitchen. :)
Taufulou said…
look bak at your pic..see also think back of the taste..stim!
Anonymous said…
this is terrible!!!

had a really bad experience there today. got in and was told to sit in lobby to wait for a table. sat down for 30minutes and then notice that other new people are just being seated while i'm still waiting. i even walked in to ask again and notice that there is an empty table but again was told to wait. the bossman even ushered my mom to another table where there are already people sitting. then he goes to clean up the store area to ask us to sit there. what kind of hospitality is this?

getting this kind of service, there is a cantonese saying that goes... "Sek loong yoke thoh moh mei er" - loosely translated to, "Eat dragon meat also no taste!". pls buck up and do stop blaming the immigration officers for capturing ur workforce. get legal workers!!!!

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