Young Heart Restaurant 養心殿

Since Harry B1, this is our 2nd gathering after that 3 years. It was excited to see each other again and it also brings back many memories that we had spent when we were single though another friend of ours is not attached. However, the lifestyle that she’s living is something that would give many single folks an encouragement to work double hard for that.

Sometimes think back, friendship is not easy to establish and build, all from the sincerity from each other and the care that each other contribute. I treasure it a lot, when one went thru the operation; they all came over for a visit. The encouragement that these friends handed in, it was absolutely awesome.

Those days, we spent our time together for shopping and even now we still do, of course with one another’s time availability, which has reduced the time that we could spend. Nevertheless, that did not distance us from being apart. In fact that brings us more close to each other and also shares out our working experience, life experience and so on.

Some times when you think back, we actually drove all the way down for shopping in KL, having good food in KL and spending a nite in Rasa Sayang for a bridal shower, and also driving all the way to Pudu Lake a relaxation holiday, these are the crazy things that the 3 musketeers did.

Arranging this gathering wasn’t spontaneous like we used to do, due to other commitment, I was blamed to be one of the difficult person to meet up. Since I was so difficult to meet, I decided the place for our lunch and then after we proceed to Coffee Bean in Gurney Plaza for the next round of chatting.

Young Heart Restaurant ain’t any stranger to any Penangites, in fact, it was reviewed by many Penang Bloggers in year 2009. They have variety of drinks and food to choose, down from Jiaozi whether is steamed or pan fried Guotie. Both are definitely finger licking good.

Heavy carbohydrate noodles many to choose, down from stir fry or even fusion type. Soup that is double boil for health reason is also offer in Young Heart. Summer Rolls will be one of the attractive dishes that will attract many women, reason is because it’s wrapped with many vegetables and you could choose from Unagi, Prawns, Salmon or Roast Duck of your choice.

I believe pictures are now telling the more stories of what am supposed to write down here. Recently they have changed their rest day, it used to be off every Monday, effective March 2010, they are now off on Wednesday. Opening time remain unchanged from 12pm till 10pm.

2010_03_20 Young Heart 004a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 002a

Dip & Sauce

2010_03_20 Young Heart 029a

Fish & Water Chestnut Jiaozi (RM7-50)

2010_03_20 Young Heart 026a

Prawn & Chives Guotie (RM7-50)

2010_03_20 Young Heart 017a

Fried Noodle with Black Wood Ear (RM8-80)

2010_03_20 Young Heart 018a

Soup of the Day (RM9-00)Beetroot Soup

2010_03_20 Young Heart 015a

Stir Fried Broccoli & Mixed Mushrooms (RM13-80)

2010_03_20 Young Heart 020a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 022a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 023a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 024a

Summer Roll Platter (RM13-00), combination of 4 pcs to choose from the menu. Salmon, Unagi, Roast Duck & Prawn was our choices.

2010_03_20 Young Heart 013a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 014a

Deep Fried Belacan Pork Belly

2010_03_20 Young Heart 008a 2010_03_20 Young Heart 011a

Banana, Black Sesame, Soya Bean Milk Blend (RM6-80). Apple Mint Tea & Aloe Vera Jelly (RM6-00). Chamomile & Chrysanthemum Tea & Aloe Vera Jelly (RM7-00)

Address & Contact Number
Young Heart Restaurant 養心殿
No. 44A, Cantonment Road
10350 Penang
Tel: +604-228 8084
+6016-410 8098 (Ms Ann Kee)

Opening Hours
12noon to 10pm (closed on Wednesday)


email2me said…
Such a creative and healthy spread :D
Little Inbox said…
Pal, Happy belated birthday to you! Wishing you to have a smooth sailing year!
foodbin said…
those summer roll looks so refeshing.
allie said…
i like the guo tie there.
choi yen said…
The guotie a bit too burnt hor...
Big Boys Oven said…
nice with delight! wink wink!
Taufulou said…
everything look so nice~ lau nua loh~
Christina Kim said…
I have been there when they first opened but the food that time was not good and that was my first and last visit.
Seems like I should change my mind after reading and seeing so many good reviews and pics =)
J2Kfm said…
Hi, it really feels great to be able to catch up with old friends once in a while, especially over a nice feast.
Steven Goh said…
thanks for reminding back this place. It has been long time I didn't go back there dee :)
Food For Tots said…
So nice to be able to catch up with old acquintances. I did that too recently. Still haven't been to this restaurant. The food looks very delicious and healthy. Must bookmark it. ;)
cariso said…
Your photos add marks to the food! Beet root soup is something special to me.

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