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2010_03_27 Austin Chase (14)a

It was coincident circumstances to find out that Austin Chase is opening a new branch in Penang in Queensbay Mall. The moment I saw this outlet, it gives me a feeling of the movie that I watched before, that familiar sound kind of feeling. Not sure you heard of The Jane Austin Book Club.

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I see few tables and chairs lining up nicely in the outlet and also books for customers to read. Isn’t it that looks like Jane Austin Book Club’s movie kind of feel? It was like gather a few friends for a coffee and share what they had read about the book that written by Jane Austin. And also share the thoughts and experience which relates to the book.

Because of that movie it really does give me that feel. Just don’t know why. But whatever it is, that has nothing to do with this Austin Chase outlet.

2010_03_27 Austin Chase (3)a

Almost each outlet be it Starbucks or Coffee Bean will claim that they are having the best coffee bean and the way they roast the beans are special and that makes the coffee smooth. If you’re a coffee lover, basically that is one of important fact for you to taste your cup of coffee. I don’t know about the rest, well, but I do.

Anyway, right now they are under new opening promotion. The terms and conditions are as below –

· 10% discount in a single receipt valid for all dine in purchase only at Queensbay Mall
· Valid until the end of the month only
· Not applicable to on-going Menu Promotion Items.
· Austin Chase reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the promotion at anytime without prior notice
· Discount is not exchange for cash

Their lunch set are range from RM12-90 for Sliced Smoked Turkey Ham, Sliced Chicken Ham and Sliced Tikka Chicken respectively. RM14-90 for Sliced Smoked Salmon, and RM16-90 for Shrimp with Thousand Island Sauce. All sandwiches are comes with chips, Ice Coffee or Ice Tea. They are also have Austin Chase Pasta Specials that’s only RM16-90. You could choose from the choice of Chicken Bolognaise Spaghetti, Beef Bolognaise Spaghetti and Spaghetti Seafood Marinara.

Oh yes, not to forget they are also delivering too, do call them for enquiries.

2010_03_27 Austin Chase (16)a 2010_03_27 Austin Chase (18)a

Turkey Sandwich with Brewed Coffee (Americana)

2010_03_27 Austin Chase (22)a 2010_03_27 Austin Chase (20)a

Chicken Bolognaise with Brewed Coffee (Americana)

Address & Contact Number
Austin Chase
Lot 47 & 48 Ground Floor
Queensbay Mall
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas
Tel: +604-643 4068


allie said…
The set lunch is definitely worth a try! Is it available during weekend?
ck lam said…
Great intro to Austin Chase. A lovely place to spend an afternoon :)
Big Boys Oven said…
WoW! It's in Penang Already, now I want my coffee! :)
J2Kfm said…
oh, a new outlet in Penang?
First i saw was at The Gardens in KL.
email2me said…
Wow nice coffee with nice foods ..... perfect place for me to write blogs .... XD
Little Inbox said…
In Queensbay Mall? Never notice before.
Lingzie said…
eh i didn't notice this place also! looks very nice!
and i love jane austen's books!
Hi Allie, not too sure about that.

Hi CK, oh yes, quiet and pleasant place to update blog too.

Hi BBO, yes, only opened not long ago.

Hi J2Kfm, yes new branch for Penang.

Hi email2me, same here!

Hi Little Inbox, yup, in Queensbay Mall.

Hi Lingzie, I’ve never read Jane Austen’s books, perhaps should read 1 to check it out.
cariso said…
Wow! Got delivery, am interested int that! :)
Carol said…
This is my first and last time in austin chase. The coffee taste like shit. The service bad too.
Unknown said…
Coffee ok not bad

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