32 Light Street Kopitiam

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A shop that is opened only for 2 months plus has full of delighted food for its customers, it’s also located at the strategic location in down town too.

Perhaps people that work around that area will have better opportunity to taste such good home cooked food. The shop opens from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 3pm on Saturday. Sunday is a rest day for them.

Breakfast is not only variety but also value for money. Butter toast is only RM1-30; where else many ‘kopitiam’ style of café is charging RM2-00. The café here is also Wi-Fi provided, isn’t that a good news to many people with laptop carrying along all the time? Even not the bulky laptop but a small device like Blackberry is also benefited from that service.

Since this is our 1st time, we have ordered their signature, Mutton Noodle (RM6-90) and Lam Mee (RM5-50). Both are tantalizing and tasty. Especially the mutton is absolutely tender and juicy. We believe it was cooked in a pressure cooker for a long hour, as such the soup is mouth watering and it’s delicious too.

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As for the Lam Mee, is big in serving, and soup base is clear and delicious too. What I like the most is they added Chinese cilantro (parsley) to increase the fragrant of the noodle. That was a big thumb up for that bowl of Lam Mee.

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Ice blended drinks is a norm for many café and bistro. That same for 32 Light Street, however, when you’re in doubt what to have to cure the thirst, they will recommend you some mix fruits ice blend drinks. For example hubby op for mango and peach fruit (RM4-80), it was slightly on the sour side, but it does refreshing especially on such hot weather.

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Hainan Mutton Noodle (RM6-90)

32 Light Street Kopitiam
10200 Penang


aiyah, can c but cannot eat..not in penang!
J2Kfm said…
Not a fan of Lam Mee, but the Mutton Mee might do for me. I don't usually go for mains in kopitiam-like outlets, for I have been disappointed so many times. Usually it's only toast and coffee.
My Food Fetishm said…
I almost tried the food here two weekends ago. I must make it a point to pay this kopitiam a visit after reading your post :)
cariso said…
I wish to try that mutton noodles! Hopefully soon I'll be able to visit there!
Little Inbox said…
Price wise, it is really cheaper than other kopitiam.
choi yen said…
what is the pinkish strips in ur bowl of Lam Mee?
Big Boys Oven said…
this sounds awesome, a must try! Hey I like one of thatc andid shot of the dancing king, do rekindle the 70's in me! :)
Hi uLi.佑莉, thank you.

Hi Joe, find time to visit la.

Hi J2Kfm, seriously the Mutton Mee tasted good!

Hi My Food Fetishm, :)

Hi Cariso, can’t wait to see your review.

Hi Little Inbox, that’s what I’d observed.

Hi mimid3vils, that’s shredded egg.

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