Kheng Pin Café 群賓茶餐室

This coffee shop is full of people and the flow of people streaming in is basically non-stop. It’s like any other tourist spot in Penang that is a must visit place. And many people that came into this shop must order the 3 items that is famous for this café.

Well, what is that then?? Hainan Chicken Rice 海南雞飯, LoBak 卤肉 and Wantan Mee 雲吞麵.

2010_05_15 Hawker Delight 010a 2010_05_15 Hawker Delight 009a

As far as we know, the chicken rice stall has been operating since the eighties by an old couple whom assisted by their daughter then. As time goes by, the old couple passed the stall to their daughter, and since then the stall is getting renown from its smooth skin chicken, fresh tender juicy meat. Because of the old couple retirement, the daughter has to call back her husband whom is a shoe maker for a renown brands in Kuala Lumpur to come back to help out the business until today. One can recognized that they too are getting old, despite the brisk business; they still continue to provide the best to their customers.

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LoBak stall history… a humble and friendly old man that owns the stall. I was told the stall only operate 9 months in a year, and another 3 months will be representing Penang for a Penang Food Promotion that was held in Singapore every year. So, I guess one could imagine how good is this LoBak! Especially their special made chili sauce, 1 small bowl is definitely not enough for anyone of us.

2010_05_15 Hawker Delight 002a

Here comes Wantan Mee. Many claimed that this is one of the best. Well, probably I’d tried other stalls, but there’s nothing to complain about it. The noodle texture is crunchy per say and the sauce for the whole plate is definitely tantalizing. Reason is, it makes people feels the ‘kocha’ feel because they use lard oil for the sauce, and the noodle was told is home made too.

With so many good foods down here, how could one resists not to visit, right??

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Kheng Pin Café
80 Penang Road

Business Hour –
7am to 3pm daily
Closed on Monday


Little Inbox said…
Yalor, will plan to bring hubby there soon. He always refuse to take hawker food.
J2Kfm said…
Yup, indeed the Lor Bak here is the BEST on the island. Bar none, I dare say.
Chicken rice also not bad, but the wantan mee ... no good.
uLi.佑莉 said…
Oh, looks so tempting ...hunger for lunch dy :D
Big Boys Oven said…
I am already drooling for the food! lovely captured!
ck lam said…
I normally go for their Lor Bak & Chicken Rice. The chicken is smooth and I love it with the strips of ginger :)
jason said…
Would love to try the lorbak one day!
allie said…
I love the lor bak here! I'm with J2Kfm, don't like the wan tan mee there :P
email2me said…
The chicken rice here is nice but have to wait very long due to the aunty will massage the chicken before serve ..... XD
Unknown said…
Now the chicken rice at Kheng Pin also have new branch at Lorong Selamat - Mid town Cafe which opened by the couple's son. Do not have to wait for so long at there cause now much people aware about the newly open stall. But I think after some time when alot of people aware then the waiting time might same as the kheng pin chicken rice stall. For a time being I went there to enjoy the chicken rice without waiting for so long and can also enjoy the ice kacang at mid town cafe.
Big Boys Oven said…
for a second, I thought it was about the King Pin lol!
looks like a great place to indulge in a fine meal!

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