Look Yuen Restaurant 樂園飯店

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 018a

Have had heard of lots good comment about this place, and in fact, it’s famous for those people that live around that neighborhood. This shop has been around for many years, in fact, before the new fly over were built. I remembered I used to see this shop around whenever we used the old trunk road to travel down to Johor, to KL or to Ipoh. This shop is always full of people.

It never came to my mind till my sis suggested let’s have dinner down there, as the “Domestic Minister” needs a break for the week. Well, what can we say more when there’s a strike, right? We were all pretty good in listening to the “Domestic Minister”, thus, without second thought, we drove all the way there for dinner.

Thought this would be another place for our deary “Domestic Minister”, what impresses us was the food serving was extremely fast, it’s like on an express mode. You just don’t believe it; it can be so fast within few minutes. I wonder is this being ‘ISO audited’. Well, joke aside, we were told, they use PDA to take orders as well, but, that night itself we didn’t get to see it. Probably that’s what people speculating around.

Being new to this place, what we ordered basically is pretty conservative to our taste buds. Of course, you didn’t want to be adventured about the food and risk your wallet. Thus these few dishes were digested …

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 011a

Curry Fish Head (咖喱魚頭),

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 016a

Pork Ribs aka “Pai Kut Ong” (排骨王)

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 007a 2010_05_15 Look Yeun 013a

Ginger Onion Frog (薑蔥田雞)

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 003a

Stir Fry Vegetable (清炒芥蘭)

2010_05_15 Look Yeun 005a

Sizzling Bean Curd (鐵板豆腐)

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Address & Contact Number
樂園飯店 Look Yuen Restaurant
No. 2, Tingkat Kerjasama 4
Taman Kerjasama
14000 Bukit Mertajam
Tel: +604-507 4785

Business Hour:
11.30am – 11.00pm (daily)


Little Inbox said…
The frog was chopped to tiny tiny pieces?
-thethinker- said…
it is true leh.. they use PDA to take order..
choi yen said…
why I can't see any frogs?
Taufulou said…
BM got ncie food eh..
next round go back must go ask my friend how to go liau~
Big Boys Oven said…
wow the frog! love them with ginger and spring onions! lovely!

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