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** HOT WOK has been closed down **

2010_06_07 Hot Wok Hokkien Mee 007a
Whenever we drove pass Burmah Road, you will tend to look at both side of the shop houses, especially your car stop at the traffic light in front of Penang Plaza. You will tend to look on the left which is the luxury car – BMW show room, or Penang Plaza. Further up would be the shop houses like Hot Wok is there, BBQ Ribs used to be there, but now closed already.

2010_06_07 Hot Wok Hokkien Mee 002a
Whenever I drove pass, I will tend to wonder Hot Wok’s Hokkien Mee, is it delicious in tasting. Of course, is always wondering but ever have a chance to visit till recently we both really running out of idea what to have.

That day we just parked our car in Penang Plaza, and walked in to Hot Wok, can’t remember where we heard it from, a bowl of Hokkien Mee in Hot Wok costs RM7-00 and it’s one of the expensive Hokkien Mee in town. Actually I was a bit skeptical to step in, but hubby as usual has the adventurous spirit to try on. What can I say more, right??

2010_06_07 Hot Wok Hokkien Mee 008a 2010_06_07 Hot Wok Hokkien Mee 009a
Honestly, that bowl of Hokkien Mee is pretty good, is delicious as the one we tried in One Corner Café in Bawasah Road. Soup base is full of prawn aroma, with added fried shallots sprinkle on top of the bowl of noodles, and when you bite on it, you can hear the crunchy sound on those fried shallots.

Well, doesn’t that sound like heaven to you? Well, it does to hubby and me.

2010_06_07 Hot Wok Hokkien Mee 010a 2010_06_07 Hot Wok Hokkien Mee 013a
Not to forget with a plate of Roasted Pork, you can either op to have the roasted pork in the bowl or separately serve.

And guess what? That bowl of fragrant, tantalizing, delicious and mouth watering prawn noodles do make up our day, and it’s only costs RM4-00.

Address & Contact Number
Hot Wok Nyonya & Local Cuisine
124-E & F, Jalan Burmah
10050 Penang
Tel: +604-227 3368
Fax: +604-229 8268

Beside the Giant Supermarket in Penang Plaza & diagonally opposite the BMW car showroom.

Business Hour:
Daily except Tuesday
Lunch: 11am to 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm
Last order ½ before closing time


uLi.佑莉 said…
I really love to eat Prawn Mee aka Hokkien Mee in your post :) Yummy~
Anonymous said…
wow, they even have roasted pork...good combination w the bowl of prawn mee
ck lam said…
The Hokkien Mee is reasonably priced and moreover customers get to eat in a comfortable environment too.
Steven Goh said…
I love the hokkien mee there too and also the pork fried chin calok is nice too.
Sukhdeepak said…
Hokkien is cheaper. Very delicious and mouth watering item.
Babe_KL said…
hmm i think i might have eaten here many years back :p
cariso said…
Yes, it's worth the price. Many ingredients. Btw, I have moved my home, do update. :)
Big BOys Oven said…
sounds like it was a bowl make for heaven! Definitely the finest in Penang!
jason said…
I love the tiles on the floor. Very artsy and colourful. And the siew yuk... looks very good too.
mysimplefood said…
OHhhhh The siew yoke!! What I would give to taste the delicious siew yoke!!
sinrun said…
Hey, I wanna ask something regarding the hot wok address. Is this the old or new address? Cause I went there last year but it was closed. Thanks. I'm going to penang this friday and it would be a drag to miss the delicious nyonya food again. Thanks a million.
Hi sirun, the last I know the shop has closed down. Have no idea where is it.
Unknown said…
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