Yeng Keng Café and Bar

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Come to think of it, you ought to be more adventurous in your own life. If I don’t drove passed this area, perhaps I will never know there’s a boutique hotel down here and it’s solely own by Datuk Ong Gim Huat.

Visited this place once, but at that point in time, they don’t serve any meal, even for daily breakfast, it’s the hotel staff that went out and packed back for their guests. Perhaps this is one of the uniqueness of this hotel.

When we dropped by the second time, we noticed they have added the café service for their in-house guests as well as walk in guests too.

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Can’t comment much on their food quality, but one thing for sure, they have plenty of room for improvement. Though we are not really a Hainan cuisine fan, but we do enjoy it once in awhile. For example the mushroom soup which I’d ordered. Light meal for the day, especially lunch, but it can never go wrong with a slice of garlic bread (RM6-00). In fact, that’s much fulfilling.

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Hubby finds their coffee (RM5-00) was pretty smooth, and aromatic as well. Well, you will not doubt on Illy coffee, don’t you?? Especially freshly brew and the fragrant smell could make you feel like you’re in heaven.

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Hainan Style Chicken Chop (RM15-00). Actually, I’ve been wondering… is there any difference compared to Western Style Chicken Chop?

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Hainanese Mushroom Soup (RM10-00) is completely different from what we normally see in Western Café or Bistro. It has chicken meat, even chicken liver and glass noodle too, and of course with the spring onions that garnishing the soup. I wonder is this easy to make?

If you’re not really fussy about air-condioning place for a meal, this isn’t a bad place to recommend. In fact, in the evening, you could see many tourists walking along the street and enjoying every moment they could find in this heritage area.

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taufulou said…
ehh...something simple and nice wor..

will go check it out when back . .:)
Unknown said…
hi, accidently meet your blog, bravo! good job! i'll follow u now~~ nice to meet you!
PC said…
great post! am definitely going to check it out. I was wondering if you recommend having a reservation before you go for lunch?