Da Ban Chinese Restaurant 大班中國風味館

2010_08_29 大班中國風味館 035a

Whenever I passed by this place, I would sure looking into this building. It gives me a very mystery kind of feel, until I stepped into it then I realized it was managed by a Chinese young lady.

It has been hosted a few beauty pageants that came to Penang for some kind of promotion, and also, they have been promoting China cuisine as well, they are also open for Chinese Reunion Dinner too.

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It was an impressive decoration in the shop, with the man made brisk bridge that connect the entrance to the inner hall that shows that the owner has a creative idea in managing her eatery outlet.

It was our first time, so we are pretty conservative in ordering our food. Thus, the food that we ordered was merely simple yet something we had tasted before in other places.

As for the appetizers that served, it’s something that I’ve not personally try before, but it gives a very good lesson for us to understand that’s how a typical Chinese cuisine was served in China Mainland.

Shrimps and seaweed

2010_08_29 大班中國風味館 019a

Assorted Pig’s Intestine Porridge with ‘Kee Chee’ (怡神枸杞豬雜粥, RM10-80)

2010_08_29 大班中國風味館 013a

DaBan Fried Rice with Preserved Meat (大班臘味炒香飯, RM9-90)

2010_08_29 大班中國風味館 018a

Stir Fried ‘Yau Mak’ with Preserved Beancurd (大石腐乳炒油麥)

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Address & Contact Number
Da Ban Chinese Restaurant
84 Jalan Zainal Abidin
10400 Penang
Tel/Fax: +604-227 2777

Business Hour: 12.30pm to 4am


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