Hot Bowl Nyonya Delights

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I’ve heard so much about this place and this is my first time here. This is like my previous experience in Sushi Kappo Miyasaka, where I could miss and kept thinking how good is their curry mee.

Recently I brought my sister and my brother-in-law for breakfast… and it took for about 20 to 30 minutes for them to serve us the bowl of noodles. Apart from that, you gotta be early to grab a seat too, otherwise, just like us the 1st attempt we came and leave without second thought as there were a few of their customers were standing and waiting for a seat.

So, you can imagine how delicious, spiciness, tasty, mouth watering, droolicious about this bowl of Curry Mee!

Of course apart from Yellow Noodle and Vermicelli and the cockles … you have other side dishes like porch chicken, ordinary koay teow soup, chicken rice and other condiments.

2011_07_02 Hot Bowl 007a 2011_07_02 Hot Bowl 009a
What’s good about this curry mee is their home made chili paste. It’s something that you shouldn’t miss it! It’s hot and it’s like numb your tongue without realizing it. So, you can imagine how spicy it is…

Address & Contact Number
Hot Bowl Nyonya Delight Restaurant
16-A Lorong Abu Siti
10400 Penang
Tel: +604-227 3168

Business Hour: 8am to 3pm
Closed on Monday


Babe_KL said…
This is something very unique, white gravy and stir in red chilli paste to achieve the colour!
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Anonymous said…
Whats PORCH chicken?
Chris said…
Was there recently...staff were very nice too. A bit of a rarity these days as this is not a fancy joint. I ended up buying 2 containers of the sambal to bring back to Canada! I would have bought more but that was all they had and it was still warm when the lady brought it out.
Steven Goh said…
Wat a great new place for nyonya food, thanks for the sharing
Criz Lai said…
This restaurant has a rather unique taste and color for the curry noodles. Love it! :)
sock peng said…
Pamela Yeoh said…
This looks temptating