Chinese New Year: Steam Boat Dinner

2012_01_22 Eve Dinner 001a 2012_01_22 Eve Dinner 002a
Every year New Year eve we will normally go out for food, eventhough we don’t, we will do pot luck, each one of us, as in the daughters-in-law will prepare something and bring it to one of the in-law’s house for dinner. About 5 years ago, some how the elderly finally accepted my proposal for eating out, and since then we have been eating out, and we’ll start making reservation a month ago things like that. We even have taken dinner in Vistana Hotel, Cititel Chinese Restaurant, Red Rock Hotel, etc.

Today, I truly understand and comprehend how our mother prepares food for reunion each year. When comes to this point of time, my mother will be stressed out, though many times we’ll tell her take it easy. You know what? It’s always say easy than done!! And truly is!!

From marketing till today preparing… I was so stress!!! Especially marketing, people are bargaining with the food stall, vegetable sellers for better price. Some old aunties are even bargaining on chicken, what type of chicken is best of steaming, and some couple are busy looking at what type of fish balls to buy for steamboat. Some even brought their kids to market, it’s like contributing to the market traffic! Because of each of everyone have the ‘Kia Su’ attitude and many will want to ‘Balik Kampong’ or ‘Siu Kang’ (收工), when comes to this period of time, basically these stalls will increase their price and make a ‘fortune’.

Chinese beliefs or even we called it the customs, any elderly passed away within a year, family members as in their sons, daughters-in-law are not allow to celebrate any festival like Chinese New Year or even Pray Heaven God. Some clan like Hokkien is practicing 3 years, Cantonese practiced for 1 year. Due to this customs and beliefs, we did not celebrate and a simple dinner was held at my place.

A peaceful, quiet dinner surrounded by these food and with the company of the elderly old man, my brother-in-law and family. Something that I had prepared for it, guess I’ve enough of saying…. Oh ya, added to this year New Year… is the weather is also contributing to the stress, the sudden change that causes many of us sick. When I see doctor, doctor will normally ask, did you eat a lot of Chinese New Year cookies, and the fact is am completely ignorant, and for that matter, I am restricting myself of eating too much also.

Anyway, here are the list of food that I’ve grabbed from the market, and some are mommy helped me to buy. [wink] I know I know… am lucky in that sense!

2012_01_22 Eve Dinner 009a
Boar Stomach

2012_01_22 Eve Dinner 003a
Enoki Mushrooms

2012_01_22 Eve Dinner 005a
Meat Balls, Squid Balls, Hock Chew Fish Balls, Boar Nerve Balls (豬筋丸)

2012_01_22 Eve Dinner 010a
Lettuce Vegetable

2012_01_22 Eve Dinner 008a
Chicken Thigh & Meat Loin

2012_01_22 Eve Dinner 006a
Prawns & Pomfret Fish

2012_01_22 Eve Dinner 013a 2012_01_22 Eve Dinner 011a
How to make your soup base? I thought that’s difficult, but honestly, it’s kind of simple. Just get yourself a whole chicken bone, and 1 or 2 chicken meat. First of all boil a pot of water and put your chicken bone into the pot of water to cleanse it thoroughly. Once done, remove it and put that into a 2 litre pot of water and boil that for 2 to 3 hours. Add salt to taste. Once done, you can add the deep fried fish head into the soup, that will make the soup even more delicious. Oh yes, remember to add in garlic oil and fried garlic to make the soup more fragrant.

Well… to everyone…. Would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Prosperous New Year!!


Happy walker said…
Happy Chinese New Year~~ wishing you to have a wonderful Dragon Year~~~ XD

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..
Babe_KL said…
What a feast!

Wishing you and your family a roaring success, great health, peace, harmony and a compassionate spirit as we welcome the year of the dragon! Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Little Inbox said…
Wishing you and family for a prosperous new year, success in everything that you wish for. :)
cklam said…
Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family :)

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