Hai Boey Seafood 海 尾海鲜

Happy New Year!!! Happy 2012!!
May 2012 brings us joy, health, peace…!!

Four adults and 2 heroes hopped into a 4x4, driving from North to South heading for seafood for dinner on a Boxing Day. The journey for KL folks is just merely a journey, but for us, we may think that it’s a bit too far. Nevertheless, great companion is something hard to find. It’s been awhile we did not meet up since 2009 Homedec in KL. And this gathering honestly, bring us back to the days that we had spent together.

Am not talking about anyone but my cousin brother. Many have said that, 2nd generation of cousins are normally not that close, but you would be surprised to know we are very close to each other. Sometimes you would just have to think through that it’s an honored to be cousins, relatives, friends, husband and wife and even parents and children.   

My sister-in-law is a seafood lover, and my cousin brother doesn’t really fancy about cuisine, as long as someone look after his 2 heroes and he could have a peaceful meal, I guess anything for him would be fined. In fact, I’ve heard so much about Hai Boey Seafood, but never have a chance to visit. This is only my second visit. But hubby is like he knows what best down here.

2011_12_26 Hai Boey Seafood 003a 
Japanese Style Fried Brinjal (日式茄子), it’s tasty appetizer.

2011_12_26 Hai Boey Seafood 007a 
Big Prawns Noodle (大蝦炒河粉)

2011_12_26 Hai Boey Seafood 018a 
Fried Spinach (汤菠)

2011_12_26 Hai Boey Seafood 012a 
Claypot Steamed Fish (煲紅)

2011_12_26 Hai Boey Seafood 015a 
Pumpkin Crabs (南瓜炒蟹)

2011_12_26 Hai Boey Seafood 011a 
Salad Chicken (沙拉炸雞)

2011_12_26 Hai Boey Seafood 023a 
Last…. The cooling dessert… something refreshing and something that my cousins love it! 

Address & Contact 
Hai Boey Seafood 海 尾海鲜
No. 29, MK 9, Pasir Belanda
Teluk Kumbar
Gertak Sanggul
11900 Bayan Lepas
Tel: +6013-488 1114 / +6012-498 1114/ +6019-479 1114

Business Hour:
5.30pm to 11.00pm


Che-Cheh said…
Hi, I like your photos too. Thanks for visiting my blogs. Happy New Year & Cheers! :)
Little Inbox said…
Oh, just visited Hai Boey again last evening with brother-in-laws. This time tried something that we have not tasted on the previous trips. Like, the fried brinjal as the snack, stuffed bitter gourd with minced pork. Clay pot Garouper and prawns as always.
Happy 2012!
Enqvist said…
i miss the claypot fish, it really taste good.

Kitty NG said…
Finally following your blog :)