1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel 中天樓

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人生有幾多十年, 最重要活得痛快!

The above statement is something that ponder me always. How many of us could stay at the same work place for 30 long years? Well, I guess without your persistent, patient and courage, I believe no one could.

After 30 years of working, my manager will be retired from this hectic, stressful and “fun” work place and will be enjoying his retirement journey with his loved one. Due to his retirement, our boss gave him a luxury dinner which we never have the opportunity to try it, I guess when you work for the same company for 30 years. Thanks to him, we managed to enjoy the meal and it was a wonderful gathering among the staff.

We chose 1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel as the venue. First of all, it’s a heritage hotel, secondly, it’s newly open after a massive renovation to its original heritage design and it’s a place worth of visiting. The hotel has 11 suites, and the 11 suites designed or rather represent the 11 Chinese surnames that first landed in Penang, if am not mistaken as it consists of Khoo, Lee, Tan, Lim, Ooi, Ong, Chuah, Yeoh, Koay, Loh and of course the owner’s surname Seah which represent the largest suite in this Hotel. The owner of the hotel even bought those antique furniture and artifacts from many countries; the one that is more significant is the Emperor’s China brush (毛筆) which cost millions. The whole building is painted with heritage colour to make it look more authentic of olden days building.  Again… anyone knows what colour is that?

Before I proceed with the intro on those dishes… how many of us know about this building’s history. I was told, this building was once a brothel. The women were all kept in a special room before they were called to provide the service. All the ladies are kept in this special dedicated room with a rope tied to a bell. Whenever there’s customer visits, the owner will ring the bell, and the woman will come forward parading in line to the presence of the customer to pick their choice of lady.

After many years passed by, less and less people patronized the brothel, and it was converted to a residential building then. Before the building was sold to current owner, it was being left vacant for a long time. And after Penang was awarded the UNESCO title in year 2008, it has brought the entire Pearl of Orient a new life. Thus, 1881 Chong Tian was borne and established.

A man with strength, patient and persistent in his beliefs has contributed much to his service, his knowledge and passion into his job. To celebrate his retirement journey, we celebrated with these luxury food to indulge ourselves within the few hours!

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First dish is the appetizer… which is highly recommended by the staff. That is fresh scallops with mushrooms, macadamia nuts and beans that was served in a nice champagne glass. That made the appetizer more delicacy, the chef added a prawn that is covered with almond slices, and a bacon that nicely wrapped with asparagus.

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Next come the second dish which is Conch Meat Fish Maw Double Boiled Soup (花膠響螺燉老雞). The soup is tasty and it’s definitely good for health especially for us that is working under such intends stress environment. Why would I said so, well basically next year economy isn’t that promising especially many investors have predicted it would be a tough year ahead next year.

2012_01_12 Chong Tian 041a 2012_01_12 Chong Tian 039a 2012_01_12 Chong Tian 037a 2012_01_12 Chong Tian 036a
Typical Cantonese delicacy dish is Braised Goose Web and Abalone (掌燜鮑魚).  Isn’t it indulging ourselves? I could taste the gravy was braised with specific ingredients like clove (丁香), and abalone sauce. If you’re not a fan of any creatures’ feet, you can opt for Lamb instead. A pan fried lamb also goes well with the abalone, it doesn’t have the smell that overcome the abalone.

2012_01_12 Chong Tian 042a
Cantonese Steamed Pomfret (斗底魚), another indulging dish. An expensive pomfret that go as high up to RM90 per fish. In order to know the fish freshness, best is to go for steaming, especially Cantonese Style.

2012_01_12 Chong Tian 044a
Last, Sambal Fried Four Heavenly King was the last dish served on the round table. The sambal was sourish and it was honestly appetizing, especially after a heavy meal. It does help in terms of digestion.

2012_01_12 Chong Tian 049a 2012_01_12 Chong Tian 048a 2012_01_12 Chong Tian 047a
Nothing could end without a dessert. Peanut Paste Soup (花生糊), Honeydew Sago and a plate of Chinese Pancake (鍋餅) was the last dish of the dinner with a perfect mark and a respect to our dear manager that has been working for the past 30 years.

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Georgetown Penang
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Lawrence Seng
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11am to 2pm
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