Greentown Ipoh

After awhile, I don't know where to search for food in Ipoh. Ended up all of us landed in Greentown. I know at night this place it's kinda happening... with all the pubs and bistros out there. Actually, the true fact was I was in Ipoh for a day trip, so nothing much to explore in terms of food.

Anyway, all of us landed in this place call Greentown Corner, and actual fact, it's actually a corner shop. By the time we order the food, I can tell, the stalls are ready to clean up and call it a day.

We didn't order anything fancy, but things like 怡保雞絲河粉, char koay teow (炒粿條), pan mee, and ice kacang etc. I can tell you that this ice kacang is not as good as what I normally like to visit. If you're familiar with Ipoh eatery outlet, I bet you know a place call Wolley Food Court which is located in Ipoh Garden.

I can tell you their ice kacang ichiban~la!!!! Too bad, I didn't go there for this recent trip.


IronEaters said…
argh..char kuey teow!! wish i could sample those food here... nice pics =)
Hi Ironeaters, hehehehe... I wonder can I start of the food courier biz or not? ;-P
Coketai said…
The food court next to Wolley have a lof of goodies of it was the famous Ipoh Curry Mee..give it a try !

Jacelyn Chew said…
i didn't know that ice kacang in wolley is nice....if u wan ngar choi gai, u should go to old time ask me la... :)
Hi Coketai - I know the food court next to Wolley has some real good goodies. If am not wrong, one of the famous is their fried low shu fan.

Hi Jacelyn - Yes yes yes, ice kacang in Wolley is the best. Even better than Penang. And, if you notice, they put satan, Penang doesn't. Don't really fancy ngar choi gai.... Hakka noddle still my favourite. ;-) Next time shall ask you la!! Ok??
Anonymous said…
the Wooley food court were under renovation lately, dun when would complete

the one next to it sure have lots of goodie food.

"And, if you notice, they put satan, Penang doesn't. Don't really fancy ngar choi gai.... "
Umm... they put devils inside their food?!
Oi Ipoh Chai... Thks for pointing out the DEVIL!!! Hahaha... it was SANTAN!!!! ;p
BTW, am not aware that Wooley is under renovation... probably I didn't take ice kacang the other trip.
Unknown said…
The photo taken makes the food looks yummy.
If you want to try real ice kacang, you should go to "tong sui gai", dessert street at "Sam Tet" primary school.

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