Kings Bay Restaurant

Now that business is so competitive, lots of eating outlet offers lunch set or dinner set. With this offer, the most beneficial would be the consumers, or the gluttons like us. Right?

Friday lunch hour is normally slightly longer than any other days, and I took this opportunity to take my staff out for lunch for the project completion and also for an appreciation to their contribution and hard work.

As everyone noted that Queensbay is a booming place right now, and it’s near to factories Free Trade Zone, during lunch time, this area will see lots of people coming out for food.
I received an email circulation on this Kings Bay Restaurant and wonder the food is it good. Since, the price is kinda reasonable, no harm give it a try.

We ordered the Business Set Menu F which consists of prawns, fish, ribs, vegetables, chicken fillet, etc. I will thumbs up for the Marmite Chicken and the Baked Fish in the Clay Pot. The fish is fresh and marvelous taste, as well as the Marmite Chicken, the chicken was crispy and the sauce are tasteful.

Thai Pak Prawns

Baked Red Lion Fish in Clay Pot

Cripspy Chicken Fillet with Marmite Sauce

Curry Pork Ribs

Fried Abalone Slice with Broccoli

Append below is the direction and the address to this place. Do drop by if you’re around that area.

Address & Contact Number
Kings Bay Restaurant
24-G Persiaran Bayan Indah
Bayan Bay, 11900 Penang
Tel/Fax: 04-645 6623


Tummythoz said…
Waa sounds like a very generous thau-keh-soh!
hi tummythoz, pai seh pai seh... no la.. simple lunch only.
Jackson said…
fuyoohhh... i'm eyeing on the curry pork ribs.. never thy such a creative dish before..
Hi Jackson, am sure KL or Klang area do have such dish... right?

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