Sai Toh Lim - 西刀魚丸粿條湯

What to have on Sunday morning, when you see raining clouds and weather gloomy and drizzling lightly?
The best is to have a cup of coffee, enjoy reading newspaper and a toast. Well, that will not satisfy a glutton’s stomach, thus, we decided to drive out and look for food. Kekekeke….

Honestly, to find something good and famous in Butterworth, you can only get it at night, during day, it’s hard to find one as mentioned. At first, we thought of going to 7-Long Koay Teow Soup (七廊粿條湯) in Raja Uda, and I remembered very clearly that there’s another shop like that behind them. Perhaps their competitors? So, I told hubby that’s let’s go to the other shop and try.
We sat down and we saw couple of tables ordered the dry koay teow, so, we both ordered 1 soupy base and the other bowl dried koay teow, order a plate of vege and a plate of chicken. Total came out to RM11-00, which I think that’s reasonable, cuz, bigger bowl they are selling at RM3-00.
Anyway, I don’t quite like the fish ball, cuz, it’s kinda gigantic to me. Hubby said taste wise not too bad, I guess I prefer 7-Long better if you ask me. Of course, compared to Penang Koay Teow Th’ng, I prefer Penang one la!!!
I believe this shop is specialize in Sai Toh Fish Ball (西刀魚丸), Sai Toh is a type of fish (errr… don’t know what to call in English) that made good meat balls.
I saw lots of people ordered dried koay teow, I supposed the chili is kinda good, cuz, dried koay teow has to accommodate by the chili, that will make the dish perfect.

Serving time was satisfying but not the cleanliness of the shop if I would compare to their competitor 七廊粿條湯.
Well, if you happen to visit Butterworth, do drop by this place, Sai Toh Lim 西刀林.


Anonymous said…
You really like KTT, I guess.
Hi Celine, wahahahaha.... I guess so?!
Cynthia said…
Hello! thanks very much for stopping by my blog and your kind comments. Truly appreciated. I am so glad to discover your blog. I get to go on these eating jaunts with you and the food, oh, I wish I lived somewhere that I could eat this sort of food. It is not always easy to try recreating them also because of a lack of certain ingredients. But in the meantime, I'll just eat at your blog, virtually.

Do come back and visit when you have the time.
Hi Cynthia, thks for dropping, hope to see you more often.
Wish you will have the chance to visit this beautiful country and taste the food, of course, not virtually. :D