Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶

When hubby picked me up from work, 1st thing he’ll ask me what would I like to have for dinner. So, at times, I’ll tell him, I wanna have some home cook food or I wanna eat out. Well, since today is a Friday and after all the hard work that I’ve for this whole week, I decided to eat out.

But, before we could decide what to eat, I was telling him shall we go for Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶)?? Cuz, it’s been awhile we didn’t have it already. Of course, being a hubby to me, he never have any objection on any proposal that I proposed, especially on food.

He drove me all the way to down town, and took me to this famous Bak Kut Teh at Macalister Road. This stall used to be in Burmah Road next to a shopping complex named The Super (總統購物中心). For those who lives in Penang, they would know about this shopping complex. After some years, I do not know why it moves to Macalister Road.

Anyway, let’s not elaborate further on why they moved from one place to another … let’s talk about the food that we ordered.

We didn’t order anything extra but a claypot for 2 pax and also the Yau Char Kwai and a plate of vegetables.
When is the best time to have Bak Kut Teh?? Well, let me tell you, the best time is when it’s raining heavily and you’re freezing cold that needed a soupy soup to warm you up. Right, huh??
What’s in the pot is all the intestines, stomach, belly, ribs, etc. Look at it… it’s steaming hot.
Look at this vegetables… look at the lard. Hehehehe… I actually quietly ate it without hubby notices. [wink]
It’s good to have lots of garlic and dark soya sauce and chili padi for Bak Kut Teh. Don’t you agree with me?
Of course, not to miss Yau Char Kwai (油炸鬼).

This place is good to be here early, cuz, it’ll be lots of people after 8pm. The whole dinner spent about RM28-20.

:-) So, do you have the urge like me to have a pot of Bak Kut Teh?? [wink]


Sugar Bean said…
Yeah, I would agree that when it's raining it's best to have something warm. Feels really comfortable to do so. I love bak kut teh, especially those with strong herbal taste!
erinalaw said…
Agree! Agree! It's so nice to have something hot or warm during the cold day. I used to go there too - it's our family favourite. Later, I learn to do it myself and now guess what? My hubby want me to cook coz outside food normally contain lots of MSG. Learn to cook also die. Don't learn also die. Correct boh? Hahaha
Cynthia said…
I always feel that Fridays should be eat-out days :)
Hey Sugarbean, ya ya ya... strongly agree... those with strong herbal taste are so good to taste.

Hi Erina, glad that to see you here. It's been awhile see you dropping by. Correct correct... learn to cook also die, dont learn to cook also die!! hahahahaha.... the complex of being a woman!!! [wink]

Hi Cynthia, ya, that's right!! Friday should be an eat out days!!! Shall convey this to hubby!!
Anonymous said…
I agree that best day to have bak kut teh is during raining days, and with your loved one :D
ling239 said…
i saw the liver !! ^_^
best choice for rainny nights out...
Coketai said…
I knew it is now in Macalister road but can I have some landmark to refer to???

I am sure whether this is the one that locate in front of the coffee shop next to The Super !!! (It no longer there, I wonder this is the same shop!)

Hi Alex, thks for dropping by, hope to see you more often. Oh yes... always good to be with your loved one.

Hi Ling239, ya the liver!!!! :D

Hi Coketai, errr.. landmark??? It's few doors away from Soon Yat Sun memorial building. It's a corner coffee shop. That shop is kinda run down. And yes, this is the one that moved from The Super next door coffee shop to Macalister.
Sweet Jasmine said…
i just ate there this sunday...and the bak kut teh is good with a lot of variety of pork..

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