Sesame - The Chinese Fine Dining in G Hotel

We heard so much about fine dining… and we all know fine dining is something very classy, and expensive. And the food are so delicate and presentable.

But have you all ever wonder there’s also Chinese fine dining food also. And guess what, you can find this in G Hotel, the one and only Chinese Fine Dining Restaurant – Sesame.

It was a small restaurant that shares the space with Soy (that’s why they call themselves Sesame & Soy). Soy is a casual fusion restaurant, where as Sesame is a fine dining concept. I don’t quite use to it when I went there the other day. I need to pass by Soy first before I reach Sesame. However the setting and decoration in Sesame was nice and classy.

We held the birthday dinner in Sesame and ordered the 7 course dinner that night. Each of every dish that sent to us was amazing, beautiful, and presentable. It’s more like an art to us… it was so delicate that we find it eating it is like a waste.

Look at the cutlery setting, isn’t it nicely organized?

The interior of a VIP room.
Let’s start with an appetizer for the night. I supposed this is an Ikan Bilis that deep fried. Proportion it into small little tiny bowl. Slightly salty, but taste good.

1st course – Roasted Pork Belly with crispy bean curd skin & Yunnan ham roll. This is the 1st course, and it impressed to all of us. Cuz, the roasted pork belly skin is so crispy, and the meat is tender. It's not like over roasted. As for the bean curd skin, it's something special, unlike popiah skin that is chewy.

2nd course – Double Cook Superior Stock with minced pork & water chestnuts. The soup is slighly salty & oily to me. Something different than the usual shark fin soup.

3rd course – Roasted Quail with soft quail’s egg, garlic confit & five spiced salt. I believe they marinated the quail with five spices powder. The meat is tender and juicy too.

4th course – Slow Cooked Salmon with fermented black beans, garlic & spinach. I supposed this is a pan fried salmon. Nothing special except that they have this fermented black beans that match with this fish.
5th course – Homemade Spinach Bean Curd with Chinese mushrooms. This is the one that everyone gave it a two thumbs up!! The bean curd was soft and smooth, and you wouldn't notice that the spinach is on top of the bean curd. This is truely highly recommended if you're there, as well as the roasted pork belly (aka siew yok, hahaha...)

6th course – Birthday noodle. Since this is a birthday dinner, thus, I'd asked the chef to change from stir fry yee foo noodle to Lam Mee.
7th course – Red Bean Paste Pancake with Vanilla ice cream. Last, the dessert!!! Hmmmm, yummy yummy... the red bean paste isn't that sweet also. It's nicely done. We were laughing over it, why don't they give Haagen Daze ice cream?

We have also ordered this Roasted Duck with Mango Sauce as an extra dish, just too worried that we didn’t get to have enough food. The duck turns out to be very nice and tender. Though Mango sauce and duck isn’t a good combination, but this dish was something different from others.

Oh yes, if you’re a Citibank Gold or Platinum holder, you’re entitled for a 15% of the food bill.

Address & Contact Number
Located at first floor
G Hotel, Persiaran Gurney
For reservations or enquiries, please call 604 238 0258

Business Hour
Lunch 11.30am to 3.00pm (Last order 2.30om)
Dinner 6.00pm to 11.00 pm (Last order 10.00pm)


Coketai said…
May I know what is the total damage for the 6 course dinner??

ling239 said…
and the price is ?
Anonymous said…'s really fine dining leh! only 2 pieces of siew yok? LOL!
~Christine~Leng said…
wow.. Fine dining! I think i'll never have a fine dining meal without considering the price first! They serve very small portion but food beautifully presented. would wanna take pictures for sure!
the food looks good tho!
what's the pricing btw?
Anonymous said…
Woah! I have never been to a fine dining before, it must be super duper expensive. Too fine already, food portion seems small but very very nice. =) I prefer ang mo fine dining.
Sugar Bean said…
Wow, the presentation of the food is so pretty! Looks a bit French, I don't know why. Haha! Nice dinner meal you had!
ai wei said…
i like the name of this reataurant --- sesame. doesn't look like a chinese restaurant name at all.
Christina Kim said…
I just went to G Hotel 3 times in the last month!!:D
I haven't tried this Chinese fine dining yet...but seems like nothing I eat except the salmon and the bean curd:p
How was the price btw??:D
Jacelyn Chew said…
must be very expensive....the portion of each dish is small too! yeah, yeah, i know. they cook 'politely' in hotel.
Precious Pea said…
Food looks good, and the soup...very unique. how much did the meal cost?
Anonymous said…
Chinese fine dining... look so different.
Hi Coketai, Ling239, Christine Leng, Christy, Precious Pea ... The damage is RM627. For the course dinner, they actually charge RM58nett per person, and I've ordered an ala carte from their menu (the roasted duck), so with that total is RM627!!!!

Hi Tigerfish, when we first saw 2 piece of siew yok, all of us were wondering... is this the meal???? LOL

Hi Nicholas, ang mo fine dining also small pieces leh....

Hi Sugarbean, yes, I must admit the food presentation is very nice, ... but the $$ also very nice leh.

Hi Ai Wei, ... ya lor...

Hi Jacelyn, cook 'politely'??? hahahaha

Hi Jason, honestly I hv not heard about it before. First time!
Anonymous said…
Wow! RM627! Hehehe, you see, everybody is asking for the total cost. Must be a pleasant dinner. Whose birthday is it?
Anonymous said…
wah damage is RM627! Yeah this is a very classy restaurant.. Went by it when I went for the seafood buffet, really nice looking food!
daphne said…
fine dining in a chinese rest! gosh! what a treat. Look at that... i can imagine my teeth sinking into that roast pork...
Hi Celine, ya, it was a pleasant dinner... whose b'day? My old folk. :)

Hi vKeong, :)... food taste I have no complaints, but I thought I saw some bad reviews in somebody's blog.

Hi Daphne, thks for dropping by. Oh ya... what a treat... :D
24HrMom said…
who's birthday ? Yours?
This comment has been removed by the author.
The food presentation well!

The bill really very damage for me! :P~

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