Steam Fish Home Recipe

Over weekend, I was prompted by a sudden impulse to do some home cooking. Since, that’s only two of us having dinner, so, I only had something simple yet need not to make a big fuss about it.

So, what would it be then?? Of course steam fish, right?? That’s simple yet nutritious. I never know what the exact name for such fish, but heard from mom that that’s call 左口魚. In English they called it Flounder, officially name 比 目 魚.

Am not going to elaborate much on the fish, but to give you a brief idea what have I done to it.

First, my mom taught me, I gotta clean it, wash it. Then leave it to dry by using clean cloth. Then after, put a little bit of mince bean sauce on top of the fish, if you have time, mixed that with a bit of sugar, cuz, those are salty.

Chop lots of garlic, I personally like garlic, thus I really put a lot on top it and also added on some chili padi as well. Next, steam for about 8 to 10 minutes then it’s ready to serve.

Before it serves, sprinkle some spring onions and Chinese parsley on top of it. With that, how many bowl of rice could you have??



Sugar Bean said…
Hmm... Steam fish, it should be really healthy to cook fish with this method! :)
flounder?? wow thats a rare sight but i had it in 1st sight looks like siakap to me..

really healthy meal, how many bowls u ask? haha in my prime days..3 bowls would b no problem..
Sweet Jasmine said…
i like my steam fish with a lot of ginger and flounder expensive?
Sharon Y. said…
My grandma used to make this simple dish of steam fish with soy sauce. I love it. It looks so delicious and especially with the parsley, I think I will eat the entire fish myself. Lol
Hi Sugarbean, I supposed it's healthy in this method.

Hi Joe, how many bowls?? Errr... 2 only la!!! hahahaa....

Hi Jasmine, nope it is not expensive. This is one of the non-expensive fish in the market.

Hi Durianberry, ya ya ya... me too. Flounder is best with deep fried also, if you like deep fried food.
Anonymous said…
Eh?? No ginger? Normally I use ginger , chili padi, sesame oil, and light soy sauce...
Wow, that is so impressive looking. I'd be scared to cook a whole fish. It looks intimidating.
Precious Pea said…
Looks good. Next mission, teowchew style?
~Christine~Leng said…
It's definitely not easy to steam a fish to the correct level.. as in the meat will not be hard and dry.
But it sure is easy for you right? hehe. ;)
Anonymous said…
You already told me the most important info that 比 目 魚 is Flounder!!

How many bowls of rice??? Just the number that can finish all the "fish gravy and sauce" !!!! Wooo....all the goodness and flavors!
ai wei said…
very healthy indeed. i m still not p to this level. haihz. must put more hard works.

ai wei said…
i am still not *up* to...

sorry error typing eh
Christina Kim said…
Oooo...I Love love love Steamed Fish...especially those cooked by my mum and your post really reminded me of her simple yet great recipe!!:D

One thing, only certain fish ought to be steamed...hehe, not all kinds:p
Anonymous said…
Long time didn't drop by >.<
Your photographs are getting better ;)
Hi Celine, yes, normally will put ginger. For this dish I did not as it has those minced bean sauce on top.

Hi Kelly, is it??? Hmmm....

Hi Precious Pea, ... next mission teowchew style?? hahahaha... let me think about it first....

Hi Christine, I do make mistakes at times... :)

Hi Ivy, yes you can... look at those cakes that you bake... isn't it like sifoo level already???

Hi Christy, yes you are... not all fish are advise to steam some ought to deep fry.

Hi Jason, welcome back to this blog... Thks for the compliment.... :D
wah the fish looks fat!!! u so pandai chose ah~ fei cai yuu~
Hi Lee, thks for dropping by, hope to see you more often. Fei chai yu? hahahahah... it's the experience of picking the fei chai yu. :)

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