Bee See Heang, Kampong Benggali

Jalan Kampong Benggali is actually a short straight road from Jalan Heng Choon Thean across to Jalan Telaga Air. This place you can find good Hor Fun, Hokkien Mee, and other food.

This place is famous for their curry prawns, their deep fried fish with dark soya sauce, and many other more. If you come during lunch, the prawns that they served, I can tell you are huge in sizes.

What we had the other night for dinner was only medium size, as for the freshness, no doubt about it!!

Pan fried egg, a simple dish yet it’s difficult to make. Cuz, the surrounding is crispy and it’s delicious.

Stir fried Kai Lan vegetables with assorted meat.

Last,… Deep fried fish with dark soya sauce. This is a must to order whenever you’re here.

All in everything that we had was so satisfying. And the food here as what Cantonese said, ‘wok hei’!!

Address & Contact Number
Jalan Kampong Benggali
Tel: +604-323 8701


J2Kfm said…
the deep fried fish looks unappetizing, but I'm sure it's good based on your views. :)
but Butterworth, aiya ... not 'masak' with the ways la ...
Anonymous said…
was expecting a non-chinese restaurant at a road named Benggali :P. Still looks yummy
ling239 said…
why the big prawns are only served during lunch time ? >.<"
Hi j2kfm, though it doesn't look appetizing, I tell you, this is good!!! :)

Hi Sam, welcome to my blog. I wonder was it lots of Benggali here,...but I didn't see one though. :D

Hi Ling239, don't know leh... but honestly lunch time, the prawns are extremely huge one... :)

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