Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant

For those living in Ipoh will never find this place strange, in fact, it’s many families’ favourite place. Whether it’s for wedding, birthday dinner or lunch or any gathering, this place is full of people all the time.

I was invited for a gathering last weekend and this is the venue for the gathering. And the food that serves were absolutely thumbs up.

Foods that served were all the restaurant’s signature dishes.

It was so delicious that my relative got to show me his empty bowl.

First was served prawn crackers. It was an extra order for the chicken dish. This dish was named Winning Chicken (勝利雞), which I don’t know why they named it such a name. I was told it got to be pre-ordered, otherwise, you will not be able to have it on the day. Taste wise, it was too salty for my liking.

2nd signature dish is the Mixed Vegetables with Macadamia Nuts.

3rd signature dish, fish paste steam with tofu. This is something that I can’t seem to find it in Penang. And, it’s absolutely delicious and yummy!

4th signature dish… the Pan Fried Fresh Water Prawns (生煎大頭蝦). And this is like now you see and now you don’t kind of scene… this is most of the people’s favourite. Look at the plate, full of prawns’ shells … that could tell how yummy it is.

5th dish, Spring Onion Fish (薑蔥魚)

Apart from these dishes (家常便飯), the restaurant also serves GeoDuck, Giant Crabs, Giant Fishes, Lobsters…. And I supposed those are expensive stuff.

Well, after all these, fruits are on the house - aka complimentary from the restaurant. So, it's not only a fruitful gathering but also a sumptuous lunch too.

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Address & Contact Number
Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
No. G 57-65 Jalan Verasamy Ipoh
(Horley Road)
30300 Ipoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: +605 2419 348, +605 2410 306, +605 2533 428


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CK Lam said…
The fish paste steam with tofu is a bit similar to the Ipoh yong tau foo except that it is serve hot in soy sauce.

Definitely worth trying out this rarely found dish in Penang on my next Ipoh trip :)
ling239 said…
fresh water prawn is my all time fav!! ^_^
Allie said…
The fish paste steam tofu and the vege with macadamia nuts looks yummy to me. My stomach is crying already!
Little Inbox said…
I'm looking for ready made fish paste. Yet to find any. Is this the recent dine out?
Christina Kim said…
The fish paste steamed with tofu looks really nice~
All the food also looks really interesting...where did you say the location is again?:D
Hi CK, not quite the same. Cuz the tofu is completely smooth and soft.

Hi Ling239, I was told this dish is their famous and signature dish. Almost every table will have this.

Hi Allie, o dear... stomach crying?

Hi Little Inbox, yes this is the recent dine out. I supposed this is home made. Not buying from anywhere.

Hi Christy, this place is in Ipoh. If you are familiar in Ipoh, this restaurant is actually behind an old cinema theater LIDO.
J2Kfm said…
the prawns are their specialty. every dinner table, be it a casual one, or a wedding banquet, the prawns are a MUST.
they do have another branch in Pasir Putih.
Pusing Public=Mun Choong.
what a name..pusing public..not pusing balik??
Anonymous said…
At first I thought it's a flogger's gathering :)

Well, I would say it's famous because there aren't much choice to choose from.
choi yen said…
the stuffed tofu so plump!!
Anonymous said…
i like your shot on the crab and on the fish (in aquarium one) ....

but i would be happier if they are ready to put in my mouth.. hee hee

I stay at Tronoh for a year... but dun have chance to explore around.. hee hee....
Precious Pea said…
Yummy dishes!!! The fish paste overflow all over the tofu! This one is under the Unique Seafood group isn't it?
wmw said…
Well, apart from the fish dish, this is one seafood restaurant I don't mind eating at! yum!
Hi j2kfm, yup, you're right. it's their specialty.

Hi Joe, when I blog about it that time I thought I was reading it wrongly or what... hahahaha

Hi Jason, well, ... tell me about it.

Hi mimid3vils, hahahaha... really?

Hi PenangTuaPui, ai yo, too bad, Ipoh has a lot of good food!!

Hi PP, huh?? Not quite sure wor, gotta ask the Ipoh folks.

Hi WMW, why not??
seafood chef said…
Looks like good food and fun times! Hope they have nice beverages also!