Four Seasons Tea House 四季亭小食館

Day 6th of Chinese New Year… another gathering from the in-law’s side. This time, it’s a huge gathering where it includes uncles, aunties and the rest of the cousins. At least, it has to be about 6 to 7 tables.

The older generation practiced this gathering every year, and it is more of gathering instead of having food together. Well, I guess that’s another way of improving one and other’s relationship and time to catch up with each other.

It was a simple dinner and it was arranged by the old folks. Food wise, of course, it can’t compared to the famous Chinese restaurants in town… but down deep in heart, the older generation are enjoying themselves. Reason only 1, they could get to see all their ‘cucu-cici’ all in one time.

At this point in time, no doubt Yee Sang is always served first. But this Yee Sang that we had for many days its one of the worse. The taste was a bit odd, it taste like sesame oil instead of vegetable oil that needed to pour on to the Yee Sang. Thus, it has spoilt the taste of it.

Second thing is the quantity that was given, look at the miserable few pieces of salmon. Isn’t it miserable?

I know I know… nobody cares for that, most of us are enjoying catching up with each other. Talking about economy crisis, talking about country’s politics, etc.

Since the uncles had decided to arrange this sit-down dinner, thus, dishes are being served one-by-one.

First, a clear vegetable soup was served.

Followed by a Mango Chicken.

And, Braise Chinese Cabbage with Mushrooms and Dried Oysters.

Braised Pork Knuckle, am sure this is gonna be my father-in-law’s suggestion, cuz, that’s his favourite.

And, last 4 Season Signature Popiah.

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minchow said…
Wow!! No end to yee sang season? I've done about 4 or 5 this year and I think my quota for the next 12 months is well accounted for! Nice looking popiah too!
Duckie said…
i quite like the food there.
Little Inbox said…
Wah, you really eat out a lot during CNY. I'm just the opposite.
There was once, when hubby & I dined in there for their Chu char. We ordered 3 dishes, and the serving is really huge. We couldn't finish all. What a waste.
Lingzie said…
my grandpa likes the oyster mee here. the dishes are not bad. but i've never tried the signature popiah before! next time i know what to order d. :)
Hi 550ml jar of faith, hehehehe... another post of Yee Sang coming soon in fact. :)

Hi Duckie, me so so.... perhaps have not really got into their specialty yet, except the Popiah.

Hi Little Inbox, ya lor.... in law's side of the family always have gathering for CNY, and reunion gotta eat out also.

Hi Lingzie, I've tried their oyster mee before, unfortunately wasn't carry my baby along that time. :(
tigerfish said…
Mango looks so tantalizing :)
wmw said…
I like Yee Sang but picked out the slices of salmon as I don't eat them!
Cynthia said…
I love occasions that extend to celebrations beyond 1 day :)

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