Canton-i Restaurant 香港粥麵家

Every Friday Penang Bridge is always a nightmare for many people that want to be home early. And nobody is exception from this traffic madness, even with many Penangites had filed a complaint to the designated authority, some how, this problem just can’t solved.

Well, for people like us best is to divert traffic and either go down town for a simple dinner and start the journey again or divert the route to the nearest mall for dinner or have a window shopping.

Well, we both chose to have a simple meal in the mall. But then, come to think of it, it ain’t any simple anymore when you got to know we are actually having our dinner in Canton-I Restaurant, a truly Hong Kong cuisine restaurant.

Of course, we didn’t go for anything pricey like Abalone Porridge (鮑魚粥) that costs RM38-00 per bowl. Instead, we have simple Wanton Mee and Rice.

Hubby is always a gourmand person, he will sure order extra, whether it’s an extra plate of noodle or snacks.

But this time, he had Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumpling (鮮蝦燒賣) that costs RM9-00 for only 4 pieces.

And my favorite Signature Egg Tart (招牌蛋撻) 3 pieces for RM5-00. Well, compared to Imbi Palace, think I prefer the later one. At least less sweet and the pastry are much crispy.

Two Combination of Meat with Rice (燒味雙併飯), guess that’s direct translate, right? Costs RM12-80 per plate. This is absolutely heaven for hubby! He just loves the Char Siew (叉燒) and the Roasted Pork (燒肉), he said it’s crispy and the sweetness of the Char Siew is no word to describe.

And I have a plate of their Signature Prawn Wanton Noodle (鮮蝦雲吞麵), costs RM12-80. I honestly don’t quite like their Wanton Noodle; reason is because I could taste a very strong Alkaline Water. In fact, the Wanton Noodle manufacturer needs Alkaline Water (which is one of the ingredient) to make this noodle. As for the Prawn Wanton, honestly it’s like Hong Kong Wanton style, big and juicy.

I believe striking pink and white is Canton-I’s corporate colour, as you could see every branches is having this colour in their outlet. Seriously, I like the way they deco the outlet, but again, how long and how well will they maintain it?

We both didn’t have any cold beverages, but to order a pot of Jasmine Pearl Tea (RM10-00). At least it helps us to wash off the oil. I personally like the saucers and cups that they served. Very nice indeed!

Total damage due to the madness traffic jam – RM59-35.

Address & Contact Number
Canton-i (QM) Sdn Bhd
Part of GF-12 & GF-13
(Part of GF-12 & GF-11)
Queensbay Mall
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas
Tel: +604-645 6688
Restaurant Manager: Yvonne Ong Siew Leng


Little Inbox said…
Rm59++ is very expensive for the food. Instead of this restaurant, I went to Kim Gary. I know you don't quite like it. But we enjoyed our meal there. May be we ordered the right thing. :)
Hi Little Inbox, I agreed, RM59 is expensive. Guess it's pretty obvious that I don't like Kim Gary, huh? :)

Cuz I didn't have a good experience down there.
Anonymous said…
I like the char siew here! But if compare to the one I had at Hong Kong, definitely the latter one tasted better :P
worldwindows said…
It costs to have a meal in this type of restaurant but when they can produce the results esp in the char siew and siew yoke as well as the siew mai and egg tart I guess it is worth it.
Food For Tots said…
Never been to this place. Do u miss those tim sums at Imbi Palace? Hehehe!
Tummythoz said…
Yup. A tad too much to pay for roast meat rice, wantan noodle + tea. Esp when u only enjoyed half of it.
Food Promotions said…
I have yet to try the food from Canton-I. Will try it soon :)
Anonymous said…
such expensive outlet seldom survive in Penang last time. But recently Penang is like a copy of KL already. Getting more and more of such outlets!!
Food Paradise said…
My gal is addicted with their "siew mai". lol
ai wei said…

i posted on this a few days ago too!

AGREE!!! i myself dun like the wantan noodles as it is strong with the kansui
Hi Allie, of course Hong Kong is the best la!

Hi Worldwindows, well, seriously I dont mind for once in a blue moon.

Hi Food for Tots, of course I DO!! I kept comparing! hahahaha

Hi Tummythoz, well, what to do...

Hi Food Promotion, oh, pls do!! :)

Hi BuzzingBee, yet to beat KL, nor be like KL la!! Still a long long way to go. Penang will not be like KL one of these days... people still spend like calculating everything they spent.

Hi Food Paradise, then you should take your gal to Imbi Palace, am sure she will fall in love with that.

Hi Ivy, normally manufacturing made one it's like that one kua?? What do you think??
KOKahKOK said…
Some say expensive some say worth of the moeny they me... ok la....lama lama eat once here... haha..:P 1sttime here...HI