See Kung Ooi 西公園

It’s an honour to have lunch with all the celebrity bloggers from Penang and KL on this day. A day that gave me a full of sweet memories, cuz, I enrolled myself for BigBoysOven’s Cake Deco class, on the other Lingzie’s Tummy Treats invited me to join them for lunch.

It was a sweet thought that Lingzie invited me for lunch together with BigBoysOven, Food Point of Interest, and What2See – CK Lam.

I cannot imagine myself is actually having lunch with this group of people, especially CK kept asking me why I shy away from them. I was just speechless at that point in time and do not know what to say. But, I know down deep in my heart, I am honour to be here.

Lingzie drove us here for lunch, and Food Point of Interest was busy ordering dishes. The moment they stepped in, I couldn’t believe from my own eyes, they were starting to snap photos, the signboard, the shop, the buildings, everything that you name it, they shoot!

I have to admit that the dishes that they ordered, was like a home cook food, and it really fills up everybody’s starving stomach at that time. It was fun, and also at the same time, you learn a lot from these “seniors”.

Every dish that serves, will not miss out by anyone of us… the flash, the camera, the laughter… basically that fills up the entire shop. I honestly enjoyed that very much!

Here are the dishes that we had ….

Salted Fish Fried Bean Sprout.

Black Promphet Curry Fish.

Salted Fish Steam Minced Meat.

Assam Prawns.

Total damage is RM80, a lunch that full of surprises, honour, laughter, and knowledge too.

Note: The shop is located at the end of Transfer Road.
Business Hour:
11am to 11pm


cariso said…
Glad to hear that you enjoyed the session with them! Ha! This restaurant is lao jee hoe already, good and reasonably priced!
minchow said…
Wow looks good! It always had such an unassuming shopfront, I never would have guessed the jewels that lie within! Have met the Pg floggers once, can imagine the laughter and the relaxed atmosphere!
Unknown said…
It's great that you have fun. The foods here taste nice. Yes, all of them very friendly right?
allie said…
Salted Fish Steam Minced Meat just like the home cooked food. Yummy!
Little Inbox said…
So, are you going to post about your cake decoration in the coming post? :)
email2me said…
It's a pleasure meeting you and we really enjoy the whole cake deco and lunch session. :D
Big Boys Oven said…
walio! heheheheh... so fast post the makan-makan session. It was so honour to meet you. we wanted to meet you for so long since the first time we started blogging. At last we meet, it was fun and interesting. :)
Hope we will meet up for food the next visit to Penang! I book you first now ! :)
Hope your hand is fully recovered!
J2Kfm said…
wah ... such an honor to be invited eh?

star-struck right? :)
ck lam said…
It was my pleasure getting to meet up with you but never imagine it would be on that day. I am very happy.

Hope we will be able to meet up for more makan-makan session.
Sugar Bean said…
Lunch with food bloggers is definitely fun! Yeah, one of the best things to eat with food bloggers is that you don't have to worry about others waiting for you to take photos. =)
Food For Tots said…
It is so nice to hear about the gathering of all the Pg & KL food bloggers. Why there is no group photo? The dishes in this shops look really very homely. Must give it a try.
worldwindows said…
I understand Transfer Road has a few good places to eat, remember a Nyonya Shop from 20 years ago! The food is simple like that from home!
Anonymous said…
nice gathering....but the assam prawns look so dark...bit over-cooked is it?? other things look good
Apple Foodees said…
Assam Prawns looks horrible!
Hi Cariso, ya, it was indeed a pleasure to meet up with them.

Hi 550ml jar of faith, thanks to them to bring me here... the food was marvelous.

Hi Food Paradise, yes, they are... I was the shy one.

Hi Allie, ya ya ya.... was unexpected such dish.

Hi Little Inbox, hehehehe... wait huh?!

Hi email2me, oh yes, no doubt about it!!!

Hi BBO, sure... let's mark it down... when to meet up for another makan-makan session!!!

Hi J2Kfm, no la!!! I have no where to go for lunch mah... so tag along lor... paiseh paiseh...

Hi CK, yes,... was hoping to meet you guys again!!!

Hi Sugar Bean, ya ya ya... you're right!! And you will get to learn from the senior bloggers where to focus on when you take the pictures!! It was great indeed!

Hi Food for Tots, hehehe... if you notice my blog do not post any portraits/group photo. More of food only. But CK took 1 shot for rememberance. It would be great if we could meet up with you when you're back in Penang.

Hi Worldwindows, got ah??? Didn't notice that....

Hi SimpleGirl, it's not over-cooked... in fact, taste awesome, marvelous... good!!

Hi Apple Foodees, thanks for dropping by.... it wasn't at all... it tastes good!! Two thumbs up for that!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Aiyo, why the assam prawn so black one, too much black soy sauce lah. I for one opted out soy sauce to make my assam prawn good looking. ;)
teddybear said…
To New Kids On the Blog, thanks for clarifying the Assam Prawn quality. For customers liking, you can always remind the wait person to adjust taste or colour. :)