Xin Quan Fang 新泉芳咖哩面茶餐室

I’ve wanted to try out the Ipoh Police Station curry mee, and now I finally stepped in here for the 1st time.

As I’ve heard lots of people telling me how good is this curry mee and how famous, and I was actually having a great expectation on this. When I stepped in to the shop, I was shocked to see how many groups of people are actually waiting for a place to sit. And how many tables of people are waiting for their curry mee.

The curry aroma was strong and that’s make me decided to wait no matters how long I got to wait.

Waited for almost 30 minutes, then only they came to your table and asked how many bowl of curry mee that we want… attitude was still bearable. Some how they are pretty arrogant, that’s my own perception. For a new comer like me, I wouldn’t know your ruling; I thought I am supposed to make the order and didn’t know it’s the other way round. The tone from the owner was a bit disgusting.

Since, this is our first time here, we didn’t know we could order side dishes like the fellow bloggers below mentioned in their post. Thus, we didn’t get to have those but a bowl of curry mee.

Hubby finds it tastes like curry powder, it didn’t tastes like Penang type of curry mee, and he also find that it’s making the throat dry and thirsty.

What makes this stall famous, probably of its publicity… and look at the paper cutting that they have post it up. You could even see celebrity from Hong Kong flew all the way for the curry mee.

Ipoh people will find this expensive… it’s RM4-50 per bowl with additional add on. If it’s taking away, another RM0-10 will be charged.

Ok,… here comes my bowl of Xin Quan Fang Curry Mee…. Spread these ingredients roasted pork, char siew, braised pork, shrimps and some spring onions on top of the noodle. With a tiny lime to balance the hot and spicy soup, I give a thumb up.

And a cup of white coffee that acts as extinguisher to cool down the hot and spicy soup that I've wallop was just nice.

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Address & Contact Number
174, Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah
(formerly known as Hugh Low Street)
30300 Ipoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: +6016-531 4193

Business Hour:
7.30am to 12.30pm


Anonymous said…
finally, You managed to try this curry mee...that's great. Actually is nice is eat once a while, coz i feel the ajinomoto is too much...very thirsty after that..
J2Kfm said…
i like the sauce on the side. that pungent, spicy sauce.

attitude's another thing, the waiting part's killing me.
Little Inbox said…
I don't quite like strong taste of curry powder. Just wonder if I will like it.
ck lam said…
I miss this curry the sauce and the bowl of add on ingredients. Still have not come across such a curry mee in Penang.
Steven Goh said…
what, NKOTB u are having curry mee in the police station? Are you ok? I am joking. I know is the shop near there. April fool. Btw, I never tried the curry mee there. Howcome they served with lime 1? is like sarawak laksa leh. I am going to drop by there when visit to IPOH
Unknown said…
I have not try this yet. As I need to find a time to food hunt in Ipoh. ^o^
Emily said…
I did have the chance to try out curry noodles. It was delicious, but I'm looking for the recipe. Can you just publish it for me if you have?
Unknown said…
hoho..just drop by to say Hi!!
Anonymous said…
Wow Ipoh... So far...Its a pity its so far away...

But will make it my first stop when I go to Ipoh on my next trip!
jason said…
I have never been here for

a) still don't know where it is located
b) arrogant service as I heard from many people

I would prefer to go to the shop opposite Methodist Girl's School :)
Hi SimpleGirl, yes yes yes... we find that lots of MSG.

Hi J2Kfm, the problem is the owner never suggest to us, and don't even give us some time to ask.... Hate that... especially such attitude at this point in time!

Hi Little Inbox, well... no harm to give it a try, right?

Hi CK, no doubt we can't find this in Penang.... but I don't really fancy that. But Curry Mee in Raja Uda have something like that... but different taste of curry.

Hi Steven, hahahahaha.... I noticed Ipoh curry mee normally add a lime.

Hi Food Paradise, very easy to find this shop.

Hi Emily, huh? Recipe?? sorry, I dont have.

Hi Life of Continues, thanks for dropping by!!!

Hi Foodees, Far meh??? 1.5 hr only!

Hi Jason, MGS opposite got curry mee stall?? have you published before???
worldwindows said…
Their attitude is honed when they were across the road nearer to the police station. They will pointed say that if you can't wait you can leave. It is easier to get a table in those days. I will have 2 bowls. Anyhow they are much more famous thanks to the floggers.
Hi Worldwindows, just don't understand. There are many stalls or restaurant are famous and well known but they are humble. Why not this stall??