Fat Mum Seafood House 肥媽海鮮煮炒

Good food is every where in town, you just need to have the patient and time to check it out.

I came across this place when I had my breakfast next door, I was wondering would it be something nice down there and reasonable too?

Well, true enough my family had great time down there, yes down here in Fat Mum Seafood House (肥媽海鮮煮炒). It was our first time, and we didn’t know what best down there, the Tau Keh Soh / Si Tau Poh / 老闆娘 was very friendly, cheerful and helpful, she took our order and kept telling us what’s their signature dishes down there and also gave us some special discount if the drinks is not nice.

When we were wondering what to have, she was telling us they have Sambal Petai Udang, and that got my mom’s attention, straight way Fat Mum said, let’s have a small plate to try out their way of cooking petai. It wasn’t that bad smell, and the prawns are fresh and springy.

Then mom wants something like Marmite Chicken, I believe they deep fried the marinated chicken and glazed with Marmite and Honey. It was crispy outside and juicy inside.

Next was the Asam Steamed Fish which Fat Mum insists we should try. True enough it was the best dish for the night. It wasn’t sour and it was just nice for everyone of us.

A plate of vegetable which no one would want to miss it. Kai Lan with other ingredients like carrots, mushrooms and meat.

When my brother wants a plate of Foo Yong Egg (Egg Omelet), Fat Mum didn’t want to take that order, she was saying why don’t we give a try on their Mongolia Tofu, if ever we don’t like that, that plate of dish will be on the house. Thank God, at least it satisfied my brother. [LOL]

Oh yes, Fat Mum also recommended their 3 in 1 to us. That honestly puzzled each of everyone of us, before we could answer her we didn’t want to have 3 in 1 coffee, she said that’s something that we should try. Again,… here’s a trademark, if it’s not nice, this glass of 3 in 1 will be on the house. 3 in 1 is actually Cucumber, Green Apple and Sour Plum (酸梅), she said it’s cooling especially we are being attacked by this heat wave.

And 2 bottles of Carlsberg for the men.

Good food, good drinks, and a friendly Tau Keh Soh, isn’t that making our dinner a great one?

List of food on the wall....

Address & Contact Number
No. 11A, Tingkat Bawah
Lorong Ceri 5
Jalan Raja Uda
12300 Butterworth
Tel: +6012-4466 023 / +6016-4569 298
Contact Person: Madelin Khoo

Note: Off on every 1st & 15th day of Lunar Calendar.


Unknown said…
The foods look nice leh.... and the 3 in 1 must be nice.... very cooling leh.....
Anonymous said…
i came across the same restaurant name in langkawi, also selling chu char...very yummy as well!!!
-j- said…
haha i have an aunt whom i call fat mum!!! must take her there one day.
Hi Food Paradise, the drink is too cooling for me. :)

Hi Simple Girl, is it so???

Hi Little Inbox, RM96 nett. Reasonable? Bear in mind with 2 Carlsberg.

Hi Duckie, ya ya ya... check this out!
ck lam said…
Sure will add it to my mainland outing makan list. Nice intro, New Kid :)
sakaigirl said…
Oh, u like sambal petai with prawn? i don't know much ppl that favours petai^^
minchow said…
Fat Mum, hehe, now THAT's a good name for a restaurant! I love the look of the prawns with petai! It must taste so good with warm fluffy rice....
worldwindows said…
Mongolia Tofu? Looks more like yam bowl. Nothing beats a simple old fashion tai chow.
cariso said…
I can try to do the 3 in 1 at house liao! :)
allie said…
hehe... I'm not into petai :P
choi yen said…
i will like that 3 in 1 too, so refreshing!!
food-4tots said…
This lady boss is really a good sales person. Excellent customer service! I will definitely go to her restaurant if it is nearby my house. Unfortunately, it is not. Hehehe!
Steven Goh said…
nice food leh, some more at raja uda, I will be going there when visit my customer on next week. :)
Big Boys Oven said…
Now I have to call you my food expert! :) can we set a date for dinner this 26 or 27 June? I need to be free from food reviews! Time to do some paid food :)
Anonymous said…
Hi guys,
Fat Mum Seafood House discontinued their restaurant business and venture in to sauces manufacturing.

Visit their website: