Straits Kitchen Restaurant

Straits Kitchen has been flashing my mind for some time whenever I passed by this place. Finally I told hubby let’s go there for lunch. Apparently the owner is a lawyer, and he turns this into an eatery outlet.

A restaurant that caters for Western Food, Asian Food, Nyonya Food & Indian Food, before it changed name to Straits Kitchen it was Indian Fine-Dining Restaurant I was told.

We were one of the 1st customer, and service was attentive. Set lunch was written on the board for customers to choose… from Asian Cuisine (2 pax for RM45) or 1 pax at RM25, or Western Cusine RM35 per pax or Indian Tandoori RM30 for single pax and RM50 for 2. Nyonya Cuisine price was the same as Asian Cuisine.

We didn’t go for Indian food, but opted for Asian Cuisine instead. And we were there too early, one of the dish Smoke Chicken was not ready at that time but replaced with Spicy Garlic Stewed Pork Ribs.

What we chose was basically consists like Pepper Prawns, Bok Choy, Fried Fish Cantonese Style, Spicy Garlic Stewed Pork Ribs, Steamed White Rice, Ice Lemon Tea + Dessert.

What I like the most is the white rice that served in a pot, it was absolutely unique.

I would have to literally mentioned down here, what serves though are not impressive, however taste wise isn’t that bad. But hubby finds it a bit pricey for the food given.

Pepper Prawns…. Pepper fried with capsicum, onions, gingers. Slightly salty.

Bok Choy…. With garlic oil and oyster sauce.

Fried Fish Cantonese Style….. garnished with red chili and spring onion. Light soya sauce was added.

Spicy Garlic Stewed Pork Ribs… typical Hakka dish. My mom has been cooking this for us, and preference will of course go to my mother’s cooking.

What was very miserable was the dessert given… 4 pieces of Chocolate.

All in RM45 for 2 pax inclusive of drinks and no service or government taxes were charged.

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Address & Contact Number
No. 1, Green Hall
10200 Penang
Tel: +604-261 8585


Anonymous said…
with that kind of nice ambiance, the food is comparatively cheap ya! nice place for cosy dining
worldwindows said…
Homely with a Baby Grand occupying precious space, this owner got style! I will go western here!
ck lam said…
Nice place with cosy ambiance. Been there twice and have yet to try the Indian food.
minchow said…
This is where that Indian place used to be right, across the Actors Studio? Still yet to visit... I agree with Worldwindows... would go Western!
cariso said…
I think I agree with ur hubby.
Little Inbox said…
Yalor, the food is pricey. Now a days very hard to find cheap and nice food. As long as both of you enjoy, why not?
buzzingbee said…
asian food don't look very special. Any specialty there?
allie said…
I'd either go for the indian or western! :)
Unknown said…
Just passed by this morning. Might try their western foods one day. ^-^
choi yen said…
The chocolates really look small :(
Big Boys Oven said…
wow I defintely like this place, so romantic it can be! :) sounds like you had a romantic day!
Waco said…
The pot for the rice reminded me of the one I used for my doggies as food container when I was small. LOL!

The food seems quite common :p
Jason said…
Nice place but yeah, the desserts are miserably little and ordinary.
Cheryl Wee said…
hmmm... somehow the food doesn't look that appealing to me though... am still contemplating whether to check this place out or not :)