New Secret Restaurant 阿南砂煲活田鸡粥

The last weekend weather was cold and gloomy, best is to hide in the blanket and do nothing but to sleep. But that will make one more lazy and not doing anything. Well, true enough I was extremely lazy when comes to such weather… not even in the mood for window shopping, having a cup of coffee in Coffee Bean, or meeting up with friends and so on.

And what would help to warmth the stomach? Either a pot of Bak Kut Teh or a bowl of soup of Koay Teow Th’ng. Unfortunately my ‘boss’ didn’t wanna have either the mentioned.

He was yearning paddy frog, and instead of going to Sin Geylang in Penang, we went back to New Secret Restaurant in Raja Uda. This is actually my second visit, the 1st visit didn’t manage to take any photo.

Basically they do not have many choices for us to choose, it’s either paddy frog or eel.

And now added chicken dice for either spicy hot or ginger onion.

Hubby wants some spicy piping hot paddy frog (RM18-00) 宮保田雞. So, a pot of that was ordered. For those that not able to take spicy food, you can tell them less spicy, otherwise, it will be standard, ie. Dried chili and Red Hot Chili Padi.

And I want something plain, so a pot of ginger onion chicken dice was ordered. (RM7-00) 姜蔥雞丁
A plate of greens. (RM4-00) I always wanted to have a plate of vegetables without having ‘Bak Hu’ sprinkle on it. Cuz, to me that will spoilt the taste of the vege. At first they gave us the plate with ‘Bak Hu’, perhaps it’s their mistake, then they came and apologize and changed a new plate for us without charges.
That’s what we call ‘Customer Satisfaction’.

Another piping hot pot – plain white porridge (砂煲白粥); with some spring onion sprinkle on it. (RM2-00) that would be nice to eat with either spring onion chicken dice or spicy hot paddy frog.
2 glasses of chrysanthemum & herbal tea (RM1-20 each), that helped to cool of the spiciness in the pot of paddy frog.

We thought the plate of ground nuts is complimentary, didn’t know is chargeable… it’s RM1-50 per plate.

Total damage for the dinner is about RM34-90 without taxes.

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Address & Contact Number
Bukit Mertajam Main
No. 3215 Jalan Kampong Baru
Taman Tampoi Indah
14000 Bukit Mertajam
Tel: +6012-478 6368 / +6012-492 6368

Butterworth Branch
No. 6172 Ground Floor
Jalan Ong Yi How
Kawasan Perindustrian Ringan Teras Jaya
13400 Butterworth
Tel: +6012-491 9099 / +6012-401 8117

Sungai Petani Branch
No. 145 Jalan Lagenda 5
Lagenda Heights
08000 Sungai Petani
Kedah Darul Aman
Tel: +6012-4430 606 / +6012-345 8567


buzzingbee said…
oh I thought they only have frogs dishes..which I don't take. They have chicken too eh? ok..can visit this place dy! :)
Cynthia said…
No matter the weather, the warmth of the stomach is what is important :)
Big Boys Oven said…
Gosh this is so awesome I must have this this coming trip to Penang! :)
Anonymous said…
when i read your blog now, it's cloudy and shall i go for a nice porridge as well....really made me drools
ai wei said…
paddy frog! the 宮保田雞 is looking good. and the white porridge complement well iwth the paddy frog e
Food For Tots said…
I luv paddy frog porridge with dry chilli. But when I looked at the live paddy frog in the wet market, I had lost my appetite. Dunno why. ;)
allie said…
The kung po eel is equally good. Did you try that out?
Little Inbox said…
Last weekend, we had bak kut teh instead of porridge, hehe...
BTW, you typed us as "Making King & Queen", hehehe...
My blog title has changed to Eating Pleasure.
My Taste Heaven said…
so many ppl blog on this, but i have yet to try it.
Unknown said…
Many people told me that it is nice and I have not try this yet. And found that they do served rice so I can bring my gal there since she dont take any porridge. lol
choi yen said…
The frogs look so spicy~~
Tummythoz said…
Cannot think of any restuarants now that serve free peanuts/appetizers. Even plain water is being charged at most places. =(
Becklee said…
Haven't had a frog dish in ages!
worldwindows said…
Kung Po frog and eel with porridge! I can imagine the fresh meat and aromatic sauces.
Steven Goh said…
I always wanted to drop by for the porridge there. However, every time listen to the name "life frog". Make me excited but not my mum and dad. They protested me to go in :( sigh.
~Christine~Leng said…
i want that hot paddy frog! sounds really delicious. Just love the spiciness :)
email2me said…
OMG! The greens are just my fav. The same way it was served at the Lai Lai BKT. I miss this dish a lot! KL no one did it this way.
Hi Buzzingbee, yup, they have eel too. Do you dare to eat?

Hi Cynthia, oh yes, no doubt about it.

Hi BBO, so, have you tried that?

Hi SimpleGirl, of course!! hahahaha

Hi Ivy, I used to love the one in Jalan Alor, but I was told as well their standard has dropped tremendously. Well, since Jalan Alor is far away from Penang, this is the best substitute that I could find.

Hi Food for Tots, I’ve not seen that before, I know it’s kinda cruel.

Hi Allie, I tried that before, yes, you’re right. It’s good.

Hi Little Inbox, hehehehe… still used to the old name.

Hi My Taste Heaven, do check it out then.

Hi Food Paradise, yup, they served rice too…

Hi mimid3vils, indeed it’s spicy.

Hi Tummythoz, ya lor…

Hi Becklee, well, what are you waiting for??

Hi Worldwindows, and how warm will it be to warmth your cold belly.

Hi Steven, ai ya, check out yourself with friends mah?!

Hi Christine, you love spicy food??

Hi email2me, is that so??