Xuan Xin Restaurant 炫昇港式小厨

2009_09_12 Xuan Xin 011a

It’s always feel sweet when your love one or care one tells you he wants to buy you a sumptuous dinner or lunch. Not only feeling sweet but also feeling warmth and touched. I had that feeling the other weekend when hubby said that to me. Though that’s not anything luxury or expensive, but it’s the thought that count. Agree with me??

2009_09_12 Xuan Xin 005a2009_09_12 Xuan Xin 007a

We both supposedly attend an appointment at 2pm, since it’s still early, we both decided to have an early lunch and that’s what hubby brought me to this place, Xuan Xin Restaurant.

2009_01_10 Xuan Xin Picture 004

In fact, before they changed to the newer menu, we came here once, or that was some time last year. The food was big serving and nice.

2009_01_10 Xuan Xin Picture 015

What we had that time was Claypot Beancurd & Chicken Dice, and

2009_01_10 Xuan Xin Picture 012

Roast Pork Belly, and

2009_01_10 Xuan Xin Picture 018

Green Spinach Soup. I supposed that’s chicken stock or anchovies stock.

This is our second visit, and we both noticed they have changed the menu and more new dishes are introduced to its customers.

2009_09_12 Xuan Xin 036a

What we had was Stewed Home Made Bean Curd (RM10-80, 家鄉豆腐). This is honestly similar to what CRC in Jalan Padang Victoria is offering or even Everyday Supreme in Red Rock Hotel, Macalister Road. Xuan Xin’s offer isn’t that bad, texture comparatively Xuan Xin has more to improve.

2009_09_12 Xuan Xin 031a

Deep Fried Pork Chop with Black Pepper Sauce (RM15-80, 黑胡椒豬排王), I believe the meat has marinated long enough, thus the meat is full of flavour and tender too.

2009_09_12 Xuan Xin 034a

Last, green vegetable is almost a must for every meal. We had something simple, Stir Fry Lettuce with Garlics (RM9-80, 油麥菜清炒).

2009_09_12 Xuan Xin 023a

All the above is best serve with steam white rice which is RM1-00 per bowl.

2009_09_12 Xuan Xin 014a

And last, but not least, a pot of Chinese Tea (RM3-00, 中國茶 ~ 香片) that helps to digest and wash off the oil.

That really fills up the stomach and touches the heart. Don’t it?

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Address & Contact Number
Xuan Xin Restaurant
170-03-86, Gurney Plaza
Persiaran Gurney
Tel: +604-229 7882
Business Hour:
Open Daily, 10.30am to 10.00pm


ai wei said…
another HK style restaurant. but we can't get it in KL. haihz
allie said…
the roast pork belly looks great!
ling239 said…
where is the Green Spinach ?
so much salted egg and century egg ya...^_^
Big Boys Oven said…
A place that I would love to dine . . . . shall we?
Food For Tots said…
I guess your heart must be melted at that time. ;) Whenever we passed by this restaurant, we would go to Sakae Sushi instead. Will give it a try next round.
Little Inbox said…
Your hubby can be so romantic at times. Unlike mine...:( He's the typical "muk tuk low" (in Cantonese).

Both of you taken 6 dishes? Wow, that's a lot.
Anonymous said…
nice, roasted pork belly looks so perfect la!!!
worldwindows said…
Looks like lots of food!
ck lam said…
Will try out the dishes that you had...nice meal.
Unknown said…
Went there during the opening. ^-^
Anonymous said…
Do not try the pork belly.It only looks good but my next door chicken rice shop has much better roast pork belly than XXin.I can say that as i had tried it.its too saly n the skin is not crispy enough..,n much too oily.
cariso said…
No salty this round?
Apple Foodees said…
The pork looks good. Nice shot. :)
Vincent said…
hi, I have changes my blog to thamchiak.me, please update accordingly....thanks

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