Foh San Restaurant 富山茶樓

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Hubby has been wanted to try Foh San Dim Sum in Ipoh for a long long time, and the last time we went we saw a long queue of people lining up for seat.

So, this time, guess what he told me, let’s be there at 6am. Goodness me, how can I get up then? With his enthusiastic character, he honestly waits no more but to drag me down from the bed. I wonder what kind of loving marriage is this be?

Anyway, we were there at about 6.30am, plenty of tables available. People only starts to flood in at about 7am. So, to conclude the long queue query, I believe its fall on public holiday, Foh San can never be the place for breakfast; otherwise, you gotta be there as early as 5am.

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I have not been to the old Foh San before, so, can’t compare much, but this new building honestly it gives people a pleasant feeling. It’s a 2 storey place for dim sum, absolutely specious, still plenty of people lining up for tables & seats. And, they have a counter where you could place your order for other dim sum like Carrot Cake Sauté

2009_09_27 Foh San 026a 2009_09_27 Foh San 009a

Nothing will go wrong if you have something like Siu Mai (燒賣), Har Kau (蝦餃), etc.

And that’s what exactly what we’d for the morning. Of course, compared to Penang, Foh San Dim Sum is some how better rating than Penang, but having an one and half hour drive to Ipoh just for good dim sum, honestly isn’t it a bit sumptuous?

2009_09_27 Foh San 020a

Char Siew Pow (叉燒包) is filling and the stuff is piping hot.

2009_09_27 Foh San 012a

Shrimp Roll; always go well with mayonnaise cream.

2009_09_27 Foh San 033a2009_09_27 Foh San 031a( 2009_09_27 Foh San 030a

Deep fried items like Fried Spring Roll (春卷), Fried Siu Kau, and Fried Meat Ball; that honestly for fried food lovers.

2009_09_27 Foh San 022a

Carrot Cake Sauté (炒蘿蔔糕) is their famous, which I was told. But we find it a bit dry, it wasn’t that oily.

2009_09_27 Foh San 027a

Steam Pork Ribs (豉汁排骨). Most important it’s the flavour, thus marinate time is important for this.

2009_09_27 Foh San 029a

Last what I always wanted to try is the Ginger Milk Curd (薑汁撞奶). This is typical Chinese dessert, most of the Hong Kong people will make this at home. I was told it’s not difficult to make.

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Places & Food

Address & Contact Number
Restaurant Foh San Ipoh
No. 31 Jalan Leong Sin Nam
30300 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: +605-254 0308
Fax: +605-253 5432
Location Map: click here

Business Hour:
6am to 2pm
Close every Tuesday


Anonymous said…
my last experience there was not so pleasant...the har gao skin was too thick!
Little Inbox said…
Ah....not managed to try their dim sum since May last year. During my last trip to Ipoh last 2 months, decided to go for Hakka noodles instead.
J2Kfm said…
hey when did you come down to Ipoh? :)
yeah, still packed as ever. as if the citizens of Ipoh do not work in the mornings.
I've given up on scrambling for a table.
worldwindows said…
So early? Its ok if one is staying in Excelsior.
ai wei said…
i like here i love here i like here i love here! i miss the dimsum here!!!

@@ dun know they have Ginger Milk Curd ?!?!?! missed it out >___<
Duckie said…
wow place and food looks equally good!!!
ck lam said…
I have yet to visit this new Foh San...dimsum looks yummy. The last visit to the old outlet was with J2kfm before it shifted out.
Pam said…
Frankly speaking, their quality is not as good as those days. I doubt I would ever step into the restaurant again.
Unknown said…
I want to try this but so early ah...... then I shall go by myself instead i get some complaint from my gal. lol
choi yen said…
wow, their new restaurant looks grand!!!
email2me said…
The last time I went at 8am. So crowded ....
buzzingbee said…
wahh wake up at 6am? But good food then ok lah hehe
allie said…
waking up early is definitely a no no for me :P
but this place is always so crowded with people!
Babe_KL said…
so was it worth waking up early and the long drive? :p
Hi Simple Girl, is that so?? Probably different people making it. Why not giving it another try?

Hi Little Inbox, Hakka Noodles?? Which one?? The one in Paris??

Hi J2Kfm, I was there in August, to attend a relative’s house warming. So, got up early for dim sum in Foh San with another relative. :)

Hi Worldwindow, you’re right!!!

Hi Ai Wei, Oh, this is your favourite spot la??

Hi Duckie, the place is clean, and spacious.

Hi CK, then the more you should give it a try.

Hi Tart and Pies, yes… but still lots of people flooding this place on weekends and public holidays.

Hi Food Paradise, ai ya, you initiate a food hunt in Ipoh with the fellow bloggers from Penang la!

Hi mimid3vils, yup! Obviously, huh?

Hi email2me, you gotta be early!! 7am already people flooding in the place already lor!

Hi Buzzingbee, ya lor… very early.

Hi Allie, what to do… somebody drag my feet mah! :D

Hi Babe_KL, not quite a long drive. I put up a nite in Ipoh… the waking up is the torturing part. hahahha
~Christine~Leng said…
I went to Foh San too when I was in Ipoh. Amazed by their transformation. and the crowd was really huge! Jam packed with lotsa ppl. Luckily we still manage to secure a table. :)
cariso said…
Ginger Milk Curd - I must try this this time! I didn't see this during my previous visits at old building leh.
wenn said…
hi..i hv been there.. nice place..
jason said…
Wow, your husband was very enthusistic. What's his verdict after the visit?

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